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AGS Events: What we did do at Chelsea, 2009

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Started by: Jim McGregor

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Contribution from Jim McGregor 27 May 2009, 18:36top / bottom of page

As you all know, if you read the news or the comments on the thread parallel to this, we didn't do a show garden at Chelsea this year. However, planning for our publicity booth was too far advanced (and it was paid for) when the sponsorship was withdrawn, so it went ahead. This involved a great deal of work by a lot of people. After all the planning, the heavy work starts with the packing and the loading of the van at Pershore.

Yes, there are some plants in the van - we decided we had to have at least a small display at one end of the booth.

And some rocks of course. The sleepers are already in the bottom of the van - they were a bit heavier!

Chris and I set off at 6.00am the next morning (Saturday) to drive the van into London. Everything has to be unloaded immediately as vans are not allowed to stay for long in the showground because of the congestion.

Ray Drew and Kit Grey-Wilson are picking their way through the chaos to plant up a raised bed that has been built at one end.

And here is the finished article:

After a hard day on Sunday, the furniture has been assembled, the books unpacked, and the rest of the booth is organised for a long weeks work. (The show is open each day from 8.00am to 8.00pm)

At least I had a break - I went home for two days in the middle, but Chris and Sue were there all week.

Even at the end of the show, the hard work wasn't over. I didn't get any pictures - my camera was packed in the van and I was too knackered to look for it!

The final Saturday started at 6.00am in order to move the van into its position in the queue for getting into the showground after the end of the show.

After a busy day in the show (which included the sell-of of most of the plants on display during the last hour), the booth was dismantled and loaded back into the van.

Chris and I drove the van back to Pershore and got home about midnight. We couldn't face unloading at that time of night, so that was a job that took up most of our Sunday morning.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 27 May 2009, 19:14top / bottom of page

I didn't get these pictures up sooner as we spent the rest of the Bank Holiday in our own garden and I've been marking exams ever since.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 27 May 2009, 20:07top / bottom of page

Many thanks for the photographs Jim. There have been many favourable comments made about the planting display. Well done to all involved, I hope it generated plenty of new members.

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