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Started by: Shelagh Smethurst

Post your pictures here of the plants you would have shown at Summer North

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Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 20 June 2008, 07:46top / bottom of page
Just an idea

Hi to one and all. I just had the idea that we should mark this hole in the show calendar. So you have a day to prepare your plants and your camera. Just post the shots of plants you would have brought to St. Chads. My idea was that we would all do it on Saturday 21st June as that would have been show day however Tony Lee says he's off on his hols early tomorrow so he has a dispensation to post his today. If you have never posted pics on the AGS site before there is a useful thread to help you. Come on don't let me down lets show everyone what they have missed.

Contribution from John Richards 20 June 2008, 15:52top / bottom of page
Well done Shelagh!

What a great idea! Doubtless, as always in the summer Shows, I would have had no red tickets, but the plants are already asking me why they had to stay at home this year! Firstly, here are two great South African mesems, both bone hardy alpines and great plants for the alpine house, Delosperma lavisiae, followed by Drosanthemum hispidum.

Well done Shelagh!

Contribution from John Richards 20 June 2008, 16:02top / bottom of page

I would have put these in the large 3 pan with Stachys chrysantha 'Leonidio'.

The cushion of Saxifraga vayredana is a bit one-sided, but its a nice little thing, not often seen.

Gladiolus imbricatus, grown from MESE seed, has been better.

Heres another MESE, second generation Campanula formanekiana. Remarkably, this flowered two years ago and did not die but made a side rosette which is flowering now.

Finally, I did take this 'real' Leontopodium nivale, from the Grand Sasso, to Southport all of five weeks ago, but it might still merit a place on the bench.

Sorry I'm a day early, but I'm not here tomorrow!

Contribution from john lee 20 June 2008, 19:11top / bottom of page

Thanks Shelagh.I would probably entered this in the Caryophyllaceae class.Dianthus Eileen Lever.

This won at Pershore last year,4 weeks early and not as good.Campanula Dicksons gold.

One pan in flower.Weldenia candida.

One pan dwarf shrub,Salix reticulata,(not much chance)

One pan rock plant native to the Americas.Eriogonum ovalifolium.

Three pan Sempervivum or Jovibarba.

One pan Sempervivum.

Three pan cushion,Draba longisiliqua,Dionysia tapetodes,Minuartia stellata.

One pan cushion,Saxifraga Rose Marie.

Contribution from john lee 20 June 2008, 19:52top / bottom of page

Thats about all I can now to dreem about those wonderfull gentions between First and Grosse Scheidegg,(My first prize stickers will do when I see you next Shelagh.)

Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 21 June 2008, 08:15top / bottom of page

Great pictures, thanks John and Tony. Now to try and upload mine. Not as many plants as I had hoped but here goes.

Sory that was Campanula G.F. Wilson, next Campanula raineri alba.

Campanula troegerae from seed.

Hypoxis x Hebron Farm Biscuit

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