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AGS Events: Show results and picture gallery

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Started by: Shelagh Smethurst

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Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 04 March 2008, 17:31top / bottom of page

It does seem rather a pity that superb pictures of last Saturday's Show appear on the Scottish Rock forum days before the AGS manages to update its website. Is there anything that could be done to speed this up?

Contribution from Jim McGregor 04 March 2008, 21:06top / bottom of page

The results and a picture gallery for the Early Spring show were up on our website on Sunday, the day after the show so I'm not sure how much sooner I could do it. (Saturday night after a three hour drive home is just not an option.)

Contribution from Frank Tindall 05 March 2008, 07:44top / bottom of page
pictures & results

Our show director does a lot of jobs for the society, incuding the up dating of the website, sec to the joint rockers plus address list etc ,perhaps we could have more help from other voulenters with all the jobs a few people do to keep our society running well & giving the members value for money

Contribution from John Humphries 05 March 2008, 17:27top / bottom of page
How about those members who visited the show posting pictures

While Jim has a task in hand which is to post the "Official" view of the plants on display. The rest of us could easily take some time to post the best of our "Happy Snaps" from the show.

We only have ourselves to blame if the pictures appear elsewhere first.

Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 06 March 2008, 09:39top / bottom of page

Jim I wasn't suggesting that you could work any faster just that there might be an easier way for people to post their photos on the AGS website.

Contribution from jimmy coffey 23 March 2008, 21:20top / bottom of page
east lancs group

meeting date and secretary contact detail please.. jimmy coffey

Contribution from Chris McGregor 06 April 2008, 10:08top / bottom of page
Pictures at Shows

It is disappointing to see the lack of response to John Humphries request that members post pictures of our shows on our site. I am not sure why the same AGS members who post pictures on the SRGC forum (under the heading 'SRGC Shows and Events'!) cannot post a few on ours at the same time - after all these are AGS shows financed by the Society.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 06 April 2008, 21:43top / bottom of page

As a regular and long-standing contributor of photos to the Show reports on the Scottish Rock Garden Club site I feel that some of this implied criticism may be directed my way. I would, of course, love to post images on the AGS site and would willingly share my photos or duplicate them on both sites as officials or members would wish but..and it is a significant but...the process for posting on the SRGC site is simplicity itself and, more importantly, I am able to post images to a size that suits me (within reason of course, to a limit of 300k) and I would not be restricted by the narrow and uncomplimentary width of the current site. I have discussed this subject with Jim in the past and await amendments to the site that might allow me to post my own images at a time of my choosing and to a size that best reflects the beauty of the exhibits. I do, of course, remain a complete Alpine Garden Society enthusiast, supporter and ex-Group Secretary for twenty plus years AND an avid member and supoorter of the SRGC and other alpine clubs and societies around the world. Cliff Booker : Whitworth : East Lancashire


Many thanks to Mike and Judy and their wonderful band of helpers for such a splendid show.


Ophrys mammosa Close-up


Well, the first trial images have appeared without trouble....if only one could post multiple images at the same time (or am I missing a key element in the process)? I will try two more images , this time of a wider nature....


Farrer Medal winner John Craven with his prize winning entry Pleione grandiflora. Hearty congratulations to John on gaining his first Farrer Medal.


I must now hold my hand up and admit that the posting process is significantly easier than it was, the width allowance/adjustment is now quite acceptable and the results are both speedy and very presentable. If the not too weighty problem of multiple posting can be (or has already been)solved then duplicate postings to both forums will be easily accomplished. I was, I must admit, totally unaware that these changes had been made and it will be a pleasure to post images from shows in the future...though you may well get bored with the results? Cliff Booker


Cyclamen pseudibericum


Contribution from John Humphries 07 April 2008, 00:02top / bottom of page

Thanks Cliff, for showing the way for other members. I doubt any of us will get bored by your photography. Excellent shots as always.

I admit the single posting is a bit of a pain, but the AGS site will resize for you unlike others where you have to do some editing beforehand. If you do edit beforehand and reduce down to about 600 wide it does speed things up considerably. Likewise from there you can then cut to 290 wide and put 2 images side by side. Albeit one at a time!

Contribution from Jim McGregor 07 April 2008, 15:51top / bottom of page

Thanks Cliff. I'm glad you think things have improved. Just to add my two penn'orth, I've added pictures of a couple of three-pan classes in various ways.

Multiple pics in a row.

First, I have shown Ju Bramley's 3 pans Primulaceae (Class 53) as a set of 4 small pics. Not entirley appropriate as it doesn't do justice to the plants. We have Dionysia fabiana, D. tapetodes and D. odora x tapetodes.

To do this, I resized the first pic to 90 pixels wide and the others to 120 pixels wide and uploaded them in quick succession. Multiple postings like this are very quick and occasionally useful.

Mixed sizes

Here are the same pictures uploaded in a slightly different format. First all three pans at a slightly larger size.

Mixed sizes

Followed by the others with a title for each:

Dionysia 'Fabiana'
Dionysia hybrid 'Fabiana' MK9325/17
D. tapetodes
D. tapetodes
D. odora x tapetodes
D. odora x tapetodes

My final comment is that all of this should really be under the main topic 'Plants at Shows' - perhaps I need to rethink the topic headings, or group them more appropriately.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 07 April 2008, 19:39top / bottom of page

I probably shouldn't stick my head above the parapet but her goes anyway. Like Cliff I have, in the past, found posting pictures here a little clunky and have adopted the cunning ploy of sending my pictures to Jim to post on the results page and then, occasionally, posted the rest on the SRGC Forum. Is clunkiness the only reason? Probably not. The SRGC forum is lively and heavily viewed. You can tell how often your pictures have been viewed and being human we like an audience when we 'perform'. When you post here you have no idea if 1 person or a 1000 have read what you say. Having said that I personally avoid reading about 99.5% of what is posted on the Scottish forum as I haven't got the time to read more than those posts of personal interest. How do you make a forum popular? I haven't a clue except to be philosophical and say that in computer land popularity comes and goes. I have in the past subscribed to Usenet groups which have waxed to very high activity levels and just as quickly descended to the abyss of history. Even Alpine-L is not the active group it used to be. Every cloud has, of course, a silver lining. I know of one new exhibitor this year at our shows who was recruited to the cause through the AGS show postings on the SRGC site. Sorry, this has rambled. It is meant to be helpful and I hope constructive.

Contribution from Diane Clement 13 April 2008, 22:47top / bottom of page

OK, yes, I’m another who posts on the SRGC site. I am a member of both societies (and a host of others!) and I do not think of the AGS and the SRGC as competitors but as complementary. The SRGC forum is a lively and fast-moving site, and the show reports and show results of the AGS are excellent. I also enjoy the diaries on the AGS by John Richards and Paul Cumbleton. The SRGC forum actually does much to publicise the AGS. The SRGC site is heavily used and many of the threads do not interest me and I do not read them all, but there is always something new to look at. Following on from Martin, I will try to give some constructive feedback which I hope may be helpful. I don’t wish to criticise or pass judgement, but just observe and pass comments on my findings. I prefer the layout of the SRGC forum site and the way the threads are laid out. The AGS threads show the initial post as the lead in which can be out of date, e.g. the AGS seed exchange thread lead reads “Official closing date for seed donations is Oct 11” This is very deceptive as this message is 2 years old. There are some technical issues for me using Internet Explorer6 on the AGS site. The AGS forum boxes do not line up correctly for me and although the AGS pictures work well at 800 x 600 resolution, but the main site utilises a horizontal scroll at this resolution which is a nuisance. I like the ease of posting on the SRGC, and I prefer the software that the SRGC uses. It is possible to see how many times your pictures have been viewed, also some information about the posters – you can see who is on line, what they are viewing and send a personal message instantly and get a message back instantly. I like the html editor which gives a more pleasing look to the postings and has the ability to quote a previous posting. I enjoy the fun aspect and the banter that goes on. These personal aspects are an important aspect in the success of a forum. The SRGC site has got a lot of viewers (regularly 70 at a time and up to 700+). I have no idea how many the AGS gets?? Certainly a posting on the SRGC gets quick responses and encouragement to post more. I have had a go at posting on the AGS site in various threads but got no feedback or comments. Posting on the SRGC site almost always gets some comment. I WILL keep trying on both sites, but as Martin says, we are human and respond to response.

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