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Started by: CLIFF BOOKER

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Contribution from Cliff Booker 15 March 2009, 08:51top / bottom of page

SHOW PHOTOGRAPHS REQUESTED - I am continually asked why I post my AGS show images on other forums before they appear on these pages. The main reason is that other forums accommodate the posting of these images on the day of the show whereas the relevant grid does not appear on this forum until a few days after the show. Would it be both practical and possible to create the relevant grid prior to each event thereby facilitating postings by the 'early birds' among our travelling photographers? Members across the globe are very interested in seeing these things virtually as they happen and other forums allow for this possibility. Just a thought to attract opinions and suggestions.


Contribution from Martin Rogerson 15 March 2009, 13:22top / bottom of page

Cliff, not sure I understand your point, creating a new topic here is just as easy as on 'the other forum' p.s. to everyone, no Blackpool pictures from me as I wasn't there.

Contribution from Diane Clement 15 March 2009, 14:05top / bottom of page

Thanks to Cliff for his picture, hope there will be some more from him and others. Iím afraid I failed miserably to take any pictures as I was so busy catching up there wasn't enough time! Another amazing show, international flavour provided by visitors from Japan, the Netherlands and Czech Republic, plus widely travelled exhibitors from all ends of the UK from the south coast of England to 300+ miles north in Scotland. What a tremendous effort comes together on these days, from the nurturing of the plants over the years, the bringing to perfection before the show, travelling and exhibiting. Plus all the local group members who beaver away to make the day itself so enjoyable. Thanks to Lionel Clarkson and all his helpers, plus everyone involved, we look forward to East Lancs and Kent next Saturday. Just a thought, would it be more appropriate to post pictures on the Shows thread, here: to keep them all together, and keep this one just for notices etc

Contribution from Cliff Booker 15 March 2009, 19:17top / bottom of page

Hi Martin, Sorry you couldn't make it on Saturday, but we will be delighted to welcome you (and your super plants) to East Lancashire this coming weekend. I could always open a new thread that could feature images from each show, but I feel many members might miss them because they would tend to follow the Shows - Reports and Pictures strand that has been created for such contributions. I may be wrong,but I don't think this can be accessed until the appropriate section has been created? If I am wrong then please accept my apology ... I am MUCH older than you and barely lucid at times.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 15 March 2009, 19:48top / bottom of page

Ah, I think I'm with you. The photo gallery attached to the show results is uploaded by Jim McGregor. If you want to contribute images for that you need to e-mail thenm direct to him. I was talking about the 'on-line discussion' pages we're conversing in now, where, as Diane says, there is a thread for plants at shows. The advantage in doing it there is, of course, that you can add your personal favourites,your own plants that didn't win and make any comments you like (as long as they aren't rude or libelous!).

Contribution from Jim McGregor 16 March 2009, 18:42top / bottom of page

Just to confirm what Martin has said, the 'official' show results and the photogalleries that I put up linked to the results are completely separate from the members discussion area. The results pages have been running since 2000, with pictures added in 2003. These pages have to be created locally by me, using software I wrote in 2000, and then uploaded to the site. That's why people have to email the pics to me in order for them to be included. There is sometimes a delay in getting the results or pictures up if I haven't been at a show to pick up the results.

The members discussion area is available for any member to start a new thread at any time, so you can add your pictures the moment you get home, whether or not the official results are up.

Eventually, I would like to reduce the size of the photogalleries I upload with the results and rely more and more on exhibitors uploading their pictures to the discussion area.  Possibly the two could be combined and linked together in some way.  That will have to wait for a bit as there are a lot of other website developments making demands on my time (not to mention our own garden at this time of year).

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