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AGS Events: Norfolk One Day Conference

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Started by: Tim Ingram

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 09 September 2012, 09:00top / bottom of page

With grateful thanks to Tony Goode and all the Norfolk Group for a thoroughly enjoyable day up in Norwich. The venue was comfortable and very pleasant; the weather sunny and balmy; and there were a few good, really good talks, from Harry Jans, Kit Strange and Ian Young - very contrasting in their subjects, but all showing the fascination and great fulfillment that the speakers get from growing alpines and learning about them in their natural environments. Kit's practical demonstration garnered great interest, and for the connoisseur of the great beauty of alpines, Jon Evans showed many of his beautifully captured images, including a wonderful collection of cypripediums.

Harry Jans grows plants in a way that few others manage and can only wish we could emulate, and also took the audience on a tour of the alpine world which even included travelling by balloon at one point(!), not so far from 'Around the World in 80 Days'. Kit talked about propagating plants, especially bulbs, at Kew, and the practical aspects of growing plants, which is the basis of what we all do and really valuable to keep revisiting. She finished her talk by questioning the audience about the methods of propagating a range of different plants, which was good fun and got some debate going. And finally Ian Young took us back to Nature as the guide and teacher of how to observe and grow plants, and showed examples in his garden which could have been taken from a mountain rocky outcrop. I particularly liked the idea of doing this even on the smallest of scales in a trough, or even in a pot which display plants in a very different way than most people are accustomed to at Shows. This tends to the way many plants are grown and displayed in Japan, which captures them as part of their environment rather than as somehow isolated from it. If I am not unusual in coming away so inspired and stimulated with new ideas - plus a few new plants from the nurseries to put these ideas into practice - then I imagine a good time was had by all, and good luck to the Norfolk group for the next 40 years!

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 09 September 2012, 11:11top / bottom of page

Thanks for the report Tim, looks like I missed a good day out!

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