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AGS Events: Habitats of Mountain Plants

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Started by: Val Lee

A one day Conference in the Chilterns

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Contribution from Val Lee 13 September 2010, 15:42top / bottom of page

Over 100 members and guests enjoyed a great day out on Saturday @ the Green Park Conference Centre as guests of the Chiltern Group. John Noakes welcomed everyone to share a day in the mountains courtesy of four excellent speakers.

John Good opened the batting setting the scene and describing the many and varied habitats found on mountain sides. Not only were we given clear and concise descriptions of screes, moraines, meadows, woodlands etc., and the plants that thrived in the various conditions, but John also explained why the each habitat had its on special genera and the reasons they were unable to survive in alternative places.

Chris. Grey-Wilson then took us on a tour of meadows in this country and world wide, illustrating the plants they supported and why they grew there with a selection of superb photographs. The vast selection of plants which grew in meadows below the tree line and a completely different selection which grew in the meadows above the tree line and followed this with yet another selection of those plants which preferred the rocky meadows still higher up the mountain sides.

Meadows in England were compared with those in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Picos and further afield in North America, New Zealnd and South Africa. A truly mouth watering selection of plants to make us all realise why we love the plants from the mountains and want to grow them in our gardens.

The mornings bonanza was then followed by a break to chat and enjoy a delicious lunch and spend money buying an excellent selection of plants from the nurserymen who supported the event.

The Chiltern Group put on an excellent display of photographs showing the many and varied activities the group enjoyed throughout the year together with a selection of plants and paintings provided by their members.

Contribution from Val Lee 13 September 2010, 16:13top / bottom of page

The afternoon programme was equally exciting, Harry Jans took us all to those high screes and moraines and mountain ridges around the roof of the world, showing the many and varied plants which survived at high altitudes. Mouth watering plants from China and Tibet, large plants from the high places in Kenya and the Himalayas, rock hugging cushions from the dry, cold snow covered, wind battered mountains contrasting with the more lush plants from the monsoon areas and the wet sides of the high slopes. The scenery and the vast variety of plants were awe inspiring.

Follow that you might say, well Bob Wallis did taking us all to a totally different habitat and producing yet another entirely different selection of plants and pictures from the steppes of Iran, Turkey and Georgia! The high and dry desert places beloved of so many choice bulbs. Another great talk, full of information to bring us to the end of 'a great day out'.

Contribution from Val Lee 13 September 2010, 16:29top / bottom of page

My thanks to the speakers for giving us the opportunity to share some truly magical moments with them, to the nurserymen and Chris. with the publications for the chance to buy plants and books, to John Noakes and the Chiltern Group for organising the event and above all to the members and their guests for supporting them and making it an enjoyable success.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 14 September 2010, 10:24top / bottom of page
Some pictures

...taken during a most enjoyable day:

John Good and John Noakes
John Good and John Noakes
Harry Jans and Chris Grey-Wilson
Harry Jans and Chris Grey-Wilson
Bob Wallis and Stephen Cotton
Bob Wallis and Stephen Cotton
Brains Trust at the end
Brains Trust at the end

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