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AGS Events: Fritillaria group at Wisley 19 Oct 08

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Started by: Caroline Reeves

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Contribution from Caroline Reeves 13 October 2008, 22:19top / bottom of page

I was contemplating on attending this meeting but cannot find any information about the timings. I may have mislaid the correspondence and cannot recall the agenda. Is it possible to attend for only part of the day?

Contribution from Margaret Young 14 October 2008, 21:32top / bottom of page

The Frit. Gropu website will be of help to you, I think.....The speakers are listed here: and contact can be made via this page: Cheers! Margaret

Contribution from Chris Birchall 15 October 2008, 18:37top / bottom of page
Fritillaria group.

The meeting starts with the AGM. it is hoped Phil and Gwen Phillips talk on the North American Frits and other bulbous plants will start at 11.00 am. Lunch is at 12.30, and Wim de Goede's talk on Growing Frits in Holland will start at 2.30. Jacques Amand, and Westonbirt Plants will be selling at the meeting there will also be a members table and Raffle. Entry to the meeting is free to all. Access to the garden is either by RHS Membership or frit group Membership, otherwise I regrety you have to pay. You can attend one or both of the meetings.

Contribution from Caroline Reeves 15 October 2008, 20:45top / bottom of page

I couldn't find the info on the Frit site which is why I reverted to this forum. many thanks for the information

Contribution from Tim Ingram 29 October 2017, 20:04top / bottom of page

I thought I would post this picture here to make a point. It is nearly ten years since this last reference to the Fritillaria Group that I can find on these Discussion Pages. These are a few pictures from the excellent meeting held today at Wisley with talks from Bob and Rannveig Wallis, and a plea from Bob for more people to become involved with the Fritillaria Group - probably the finest source of information on this genus in the world, within its membership. I will write a little more at some point on my Kent Diary, but an important discussion at the meeting was the role of Social Media and how a new generation of gardeners now use this to make conversation about plants they find of interest. And the Fritillaria Group has recently created a Facebook Page, which anyone who uses that facet of the Internet may find of interest and will contain useful information about events and plants held and grown by members as well as other gardeners. Any contributions to the Page will be gratefully received to widen its contact. At the meeting too the Cyclamen Society had an excellent display of plants and literature, emphasising the overlap between these different specialist groups which many members of the AGS will  share interest in. I was a little dismayed to hear that the Cyclamen Society is unable to participate in any of the AGS Shows and feel that more collaboration across societies would be of value as each looks to renew interest in a younger generation of gardeners.

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