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AGS Events: Derby Group Snowdrop, Bulb & Plant Sale 5th February

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 16 January 2012, 09:58top / bottom of page

The Derby Group have a plant sale on the 5th February in Breadsall Memorial Hall, full details on the attached poster, very easy to get to. At last count I understand we'll have Aberconwy & Choice Landscapes for a range of Alpines and bulbs plus two Snowdrop specialists. One is Felley Priory and the other a lady whose name I can't remember (that just proves I've not fallen victim to the Galanthropic virus!!!!!). Terrapot will supply 36cm shallow pans if you ask them nicely (for non showers that's the AGS max pot size).

As usual at these events any member who wants to poke around my garden and Alpine houses is welcome but remember to bring your wellies! Only a 10 yard walk from the hall.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 28 January 2012, 16:49top / bottom of page

Now that the Birmingham one day event is over a reminder that you can get together again next weekend at the Derby Group plant sale - see the home page or the poster in my earlier posting for further details (or ask here).

The Snowdrop seller I'd forgotten in my last post is Anita Thorpe.

If you'd like to see my garden you'd be welcome but bring wellies unless you don't mind getting your shoes mucky or only want to take in the distant view from the patio.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 03 February 2012, 18:13top / bottom of page

Last reminder for Sunday's sale. Remember there is no Loughborough non competitive display this year so this is your chance to get out and chat with fellow growers while the ground is still frozen solid.

The good news is the final arrival of cold weather means the squidgy bits of the garden are now solid (mostly), so a request to have a gawp will not result in overly mucky feet.

Hope to see some of you there.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 05 February 2012, 18:50top / bottom of page

Martin - hope you had a good day despite the snow. Just had a scan over the SRGC forum and was amazed to see nearly 500 people had looked at the posting there for the Derby event! Really shows the value of a thriving website (not really meant as a criticism of the AGS, more of where it could go with some persistance...).

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 05 February 2012, 21:22top / bottom of page

Thanks Tim, we ended up short of one nursery and I suspect several group members, like myself, will have some muscular aches and pains from snow clearing the paths and the car park. Entry to our village hall car park is a rather steep hill.

Numbers were way down on last Autumn's event due to the weather. But we had intrepid visitors from Darlington and Leeds!

And just to make the point that hard work is worth it, we signed up 6 new members for the group.

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