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AGS Events: Chelsea Flower Show

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Started by: john dower

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Contribution from john dower 01 June 2010, 11:05top / bottom of page

Had a good day at Chelsea with Kim on Friday.

Hard on the feet but lots of interest.

Just a couple of pics taken by Clare of yours truly trying to persuade as many as possible to start their own mini gardens. Many said they will - but will they!

Look out for the new Easy leaflet which should help anyone with a mind to do it.

The main attraction was the great display of plants from Aberconwy nursery - particularly the Sax. Southside Star and the Rhodohypoxis.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 01 June 2010, 12:14top / bottom of page

Crikey John, is that a tie you're wearing! Didn't recognise you!

Contribution from john dower 01 June 2010, 13:23top / bottom of page

That tie is made by a firm in Calidornia called Zazzle.

The photo is a sax we saw in the Picos de Europa some years ago.

Google Zazzle and upload pics for a range of REALLY personalised stuff.

Mind you, I wasn't wearing my panama hat at that point - that was kept for a real 'Chelsea' moment.

Contribution from David Hoare 01 June 2010, 17:24top / bottom of page

I also had a most enjoyable day on the AGS stand on Tuesday, speaking to people from all round the world about Alpine plants.

The two most popular plants were Saxifraga Southside Star and Chiastophyllum oppositifolium.

I hope it was a success for the society.

Many thanks.


Contribution from Diane Clement 01 June 2010, 23:35top / bottom of page

The stand looks good - are there any more pictures to show? What is "Southside Star"? I'm guessing it's a seedling from "Southside Seedling"??

John the mini garden looks great (especially the Physoplexis), the tie is nearly as good. I look forward to reading the new pamphlet on Mini gardens. Well done to all.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 07 June 2010, 23:23top / bottom of page
More pictures

I tried to put these up in the middle of Chelsea week on a brief visit home to check on our own garden, but we'd lost our internet connection. Anyway here is the stand ready for action at the beginning of the week, with the Director selling the first membership!

More pictures

As you see, the presentation of the stand was highly commended (no medals awarded for promotion stands).

Th whole thing was the result of several weeks of preparation back at HQ.

John's Miniature Garden is safely stowed in the kneehole of the recruitment desk to give it maximum protection on the journey!

The plants for the raised beds came from Aberconwy Nursery and were planted by Christopher Grey-Wilson and Ray Drew.

Everything is ready - a moment's respite.

Adrian Bloom was signing copies of his new book for us: "Blooms Best - Perennials and Grasses".

Christopher Grey-Wilson was also signing copies of his new book published by the AGS - "Bulbs of Greece".

Christopher Grey-Wilson

Congratulations to two AGS members exhibiting in the Floral Pavilion. Howard and Sally Wills won a Gold Medal for their Display of Sempervivums.

Finally, another picture of John's garden:

Contribution from Ray Drew 10 June 2010, 13:35top / bottom of page

After Kit and I had finished, my wife Sue had the onerous task of top-dressing the whole thing (she will kill me if she ever sees this!)

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