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AGS Events: Alpines 2011Conference

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Started by: Margaret Young

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Contribution from Margaret Young 13 January 2010, 14:54top / bottom of page

May I ask for clarification and further information on various matters about the 2011 Conference?

(I hope that any answers given here will reach a wider audience than is possible from an individual request to Pershore... the whole point being about the dissemination of information.)

It seems that there are a large number of errors and inconsistencies in the latest AGS Newsletter: it is those concerning the 2011 Conference which most concern me.

The programme in the AGS Newsletter shows that there is "Dinner" listed for Sunday night, while the online programme shows the event finishing after the talk on Sunday afternoon. I suspect that the online programme is more correct.... but regardless of which version is correct, there is obviously a need for a price for Sunday night accomodation at least and possibly for the day before........

I am sorry not to see any information so far about 'shoulder nights' at the venue...extra nights before or after the event..... many travelling to the event will need those and that is another cost for members to factor in and one would expect a special rate to have been arranged for these; for this to be advertised with the rest of the prices and to be included in the booking permutations.

I encountered the lack of info on this problem when trying to arrange a booking for the AGS Anniversary Conference last September... it seemed to be something that was just not in the Pershore radar... though it has been found at SRGC Weekends that quite a high percentage require such bookings. Perhaps this is info which will "appear" at a later date as so much other info has on the website in the last few days?

There is also the question of cancellation rates: whether one would lose only the depost or the whole amount if that had been paid ? Again this is a detail which one would expect to be listed from the outset., to enable suitable insurance to be arranged if necessary.

There is now mention, in passing, of workshops but what of any pre and post-conference Tours ? Nothing is listed about these possibilites.... ..... there is a lot we need to know but we are given no information on such matters.

If arrangements are in place regarding any of the points raised, then why is the information not given out now? If such arrangements are not being made... why not? If they are still to be made.... why the delay?

The approach of this important ten year event celebrating the world of Alpines deserves to be heralded with excitment and happy anticpation, not confusion and doubt. A great disappointment to many of us, if my inbox is anything to go by. It is to be hoped that the AGS will soon be able to give fuller information so that the 2011 Conference can be viewed in a proper light of optimism.

Margaret Young

Contribution from Margaret Young 14 January 2010, 12:29top / bottom of page
Pershore internet problems?

It may be that a reply is not available from Pershore because of lack of internet and email access there.

It occurs to me that if Pershore is not operational on these levels then it might be a good idea to have one of the employees somewhere else... with a laptop and an internet connection ?!?

Contribution from Val Lee 15 January 2010, 18:22top / bottom of page

Hi Maggi, - we are doing our best but we can't all be perfect. At least we reached the dead line to get 95% of the on line booking information by 11th January, this was to give our overseas members as long as possible to take advantage of the present great exchange rates. We are all very excited about the 2011 Conference and working hand in glove with your SRGC members of the Planning group to get the programme and booking forms ready for the Alpine Gardener and SRGC Journal as well as on the web. Details re Workshops, extra nights, and pre and post conference tours etc are in the pipe line and will be with you as soon as possible. Please everyone have a little patience, the recent chaotic road conditions and arctic weather have delayed final details by perhaps a couple of weeks. Apologies for any frustration caused - all will be revealed a.s.a.p. Val

Contribution from Margaret Young 15 January 2010, 20:20top / bottom of page

I don't recall seeking perfection Val.

I am glad to have a response from you at least. I am astonished that the weather can have had such an impact on issues that I would have thought would be well in train before any booking launch was made; as the contacts I have had from around the world also seem to have expected.

Contribution from Chris McGregor 16 January 2010, 00:01top / bottom of page
Arrangements for the 2011 Joint International Conference

Information on the Conference is gradually being uploaded onto this site as soon as details have been finalised ? at the same time it is also being made available to our colleagues in the SRGC with whom we are in close contact.

As I have already stated elsewhere on the website, information on Workshops, additional nights accommodation and pre and post Conference Tours etc will be published shortly.

The group of volunteers who comprise the Conference Planning Group are working hard on everyone?s behalf to ensure that the event will be a successful and happy occasion for all.

Anyone requiring further information, or clarification of arrangements should contact AGS Centre where the staff will be pleased to assist them.

Contribution from Margaret Young 16 January 2010, 00:31top / bottom of page

Thank you for your opinion, Christine.

Good to hear that your electronic difficulties are now resolved.

Contribution from Margaret Young 19 August 2010, 18:55top / bottom of page
Act soon to benefit from the Early Bird Discount!!

Friends, a reminder that to qualify for the 100 early booking discount for the 'Alpines without Frontiers' Conference to be held in Nottingham in April 2011, your booking must be made and paid for by the end of Agust 2010.

I've made my booking.... have you?

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