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AGS Events: AGS at Chelsea 2011

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Started by: Sandra Rice

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Having spent Friday at Chelsea and much of the time on the AGS stand talking to other visitors to the show, I feel I should add to the more official report and pictures. The stand was amazing and dozens of folk came up to talk, just to say how wonderful the display was and to congratulate us on the well deserved Gold. Now this is where we felt absolute cheats and had to keep repeating that the stand was the hard work of others, not ourselves, but promised to pass on their appreciation to the real workers.

The design and construction teams, the Pershore team and I am sure many others involved, did a superb job, especially given the very early season creating difficulties in acquiring suitable plants.

The design gave plenty opportunities to talk to folk about the plants and their different habitats and growing conditions. Arisaema sikokianum, though not to everyones taste, must have been one of the most photographed plants at the Show, they looked superb! Other specific plants that were enthused about by many were - Corydalis 'Graigton Blue', all the Cypripediums, the Pleiones, Erodium x kolbianum, the Anthirrhinums, Primila capitata, Primula capitata subsp.mooreana, Primula viallii, all the Rhodohypoxis and of course the wide range of Saxifraga. Many folk returned to the stand several times to take more photos, to ask more questions and to look at all the other wonderful plants tucked away that they had perhaps missed on previous visits.

The stand certainly raised the image of the AGS in the eyes of visitors to Chelsea, and gave us plenty of opportunities to try to tempt many to join the society. If only a small proportion of those who took away leaflets about the AGS decide to join us, we will do well, but the main success was the pleasure the stand and the plants gave to so many garden enthusiasts from all around the world who wished their thanks to be passed on to the creators.

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