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AGS Events: AGS Midland Show April 2009 - more photos

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 19 April 2009, 22:53top / bottom of page

I've started a second thread about the Midland Show because the first thread was already taking over a minute to download, and the forum here doesn't seem to have any mechanism for breaking threads into multiple pages.

I wondered whether to put it into the Plants at Shows section, which is where the link from the Show Results expects it, but since the existing thread was in AGS Events, I have followed suit so as not to confuse people further.

I took a lot of pictures in the role of 'official' show photographer, since the designated official show photographer, Jim Almond, was already in charge of judging at the show.

The big advantage of being the official photographer is that you get to take the plants away to a separate table where you can photograph them without the annoying backgrounds on the bench; the big disadvantage is that you get to carry all those big and heavy pots to and fro through the crowds without damaging any of the plants.

Award Winning Plants

The Farrer Medal went to Robin White's Daphne x hendersonii 'Blackthorn Rose'

Award Winning Plants

The Certificate of Merit list is often a good place to start when looking for the 'runners up', together with the winners of individual awards. Here is Soldanella hungarica, winning a COM for Wilma and Jim Wright.

Another Certificate of Merit went to Don and Heather Hyde for this Fritillaria affinis, shown as var tristulis, but generally considered to be the clone 'Wayne Roderick'.

As well as the Farrer medal for the plant shown above, Robin White received a Certificate of Merit for Daphne calcicola 'Gang Ho Ba'

Those were the heavy pots; lighter, but worthy of a Certificate of Merit, Joy Bishop brought Dodecatheon pulchellum.

Last, smallest and lightest, but not least ! Brian Burrow received a Certificate of Merit for Fritillaria pinetorum.

Oops - the paragraphing demon got me there !

Now some more awards; the best plant in a 19cm pot, winning the coveted 80th Anniversary Awards, and the Midland Challenge Cup, was this Calanthe discolor, shown by Dick and Valerie Bathe.

The Midland Primula Bowl for - you've guessed it - the best primula in the show went to David Richards for Primula rusbyi.

The Edinburgh Quaich for the best Ericaceae went to Alan and Janet Cook for Kalmiopsis leachiana.

And the Cyclamen Society Salver for best cyclamen went to Ivor Betteridge for Cyclamen persicum Silver Leaf.

The Crataegus Trophy for the best plant in Section B went to Margaret Pickering for Clematis columbiana tenuiloba 'Ylva'.

My apologies to the exhibitors from Section C who received awards for individual plants; I did not photograph these. Unfortunately, they were not on the list I was given, and I was too busy to stop and think.

Other Plants

Once the Award plants have all been carried, and photographed, the show photographer has new lists - plants for the show report, and plants submitted to the Joint Rock Garden Committee.

When those too are finished, he can move on to 'freestyle', capturing any plants which catch his eye for the AGS Library. Items from the New or Rare classes are always of interest.

First, Alyssum oschtenicum, shown by Brian Burrow.

Other Plants

Silene antarctica, shown by Martin and Anna Sheader.

From the same region of the world, Primula magellanica, also shown by Martin and Anna Sheader.

Ranunculus bilobus shown by Brian Burrow.

Penstemon eriantherus, shown by Graham Nicholls

An unusual, pink form of Oxalis laciniata, shown by Peter Erskine.

The smallest primula in the show, but well deserving its first in one European Primula, Primula scotica shown by Paul and Gill Ranson. This was a lovely plant, but the bright sunlight didn't do it any favours, and we would have been better off photographing it in shade.

This Primula hybrid (DPP 639) from David Philbey had double flowers.

More Heavyweights

After that little rest, let's go back down the serious end of the hall. Calanthe sieboldii, also from Dick and Valerie Bathe.

More Heavyweights

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