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AGS Encyclopaedia General Discussion: missing species names on AGS Encyclopedia

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Started by: Ron Mudd

Who to contact/

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Contribution from Ron Mudd 01 April 2012, 17:50top / bottom of page

Who do we contact re: missing species names from the listings in the online Encyclopedia? Clicking on the link simply brings us back to this online discussion site.

Loving the concept by the way!

Contribution from Jim McGregor 02 April 2012, 10:06top / bottom of page

Thanks for your comments Ron. The link does just bring you back to the discussion area. The idea is that members contributions to the encyclopaedia will be managed by the same software that runs the discussion area - no point in reinventing the wheel. There will be a separate Discussion Topic for each genus and people can add threads about the individual species or about the Genus itself.

Members can contribute their pictures, tell us about their growing experiences and make suggestions about missing species etc.

I did a test contribution for Fritillaria meleagris and you can now see Fritillaria listed as one of the Discussion topics here with links back to the Encyclopaedia.

Contribution from Ron Mudd 02 April 2012, 10:34top / bottom of page

Thanks Jim. So if I feel that there are species missing from the Genus I should post my suggested additions here? Sorry if I'm not getting it, just want to be sure.

I get the posting under each species and have already made one for F. glauca. As i said I think its a very worthwhile addition. I'm looking forward to seeing many postings across each Genus.

Contribution from Ron Mudd 02 April 2012, 10:45top / bottom of page

I'll try by adding some to the Fritillaria page.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 02 April 2012, 10:53top / bottom of page

Maybe it's not that obvious. At the moment, missing species suggestions would just go into the topic for the genus in a discussion thread with the same name as the genus! Very confusing, but there needs to be somewhere to discuss the genus itself as well as it species. I'll try suggesting some missing species myself and see if I can improve it.

Contribution from Ron Mudd 02 April 2012, 11:19top / bottom of page

Thanks Jim. I guess there will be a few things that need ironing out, but I really think it will be worth it in the end.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 02 April 2012, 15:30top / bottom of page

Jim - I know it is very early days but will it be possible to incorporate any details from the present discussion pages on plants (via a search facility) into the Encyclopaedia discussion section(s)? Or is it only new material that we put on now? There must be quite a bit of useful material within the present threads. Or is there any way of providing a search facility just for this? I'm thinking particularly of new people looking in and looking for cultivation information etc, etc. Also is it possible to provide links to other databases? Just from perusal of the American websites in particular there is much very useful data and photographs of plants in the wild. (Cultivation information is very much more limited). I expect many of these things will build as time goes on.

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