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Display Gardens: Winter at Pershore

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Started by: Elizabeth Maddock

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Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 23 January 2011, 16:20top / bottom of page

I have been picking seeds at Pershore for the last couple of weeks and have taken some photos, whilst I was there. Here are a selection, the first time it was very sunny.

Abig pile of sempervivums in the rock

The following week it was frosty and gave some great frost patterns to some of the plants

I particularly liked this large rock with lumps of moss growing on it.

The following week it was frosty and gave some gre

Contribution from Margaret Young 24 January 2011, 14:49top / bottom of page

Well done on doing your bit for the Seed Exchange, Elizabeth... all members owe a debt to you folks beavering away to send us our seed, thank you!

Good that the weather is easing a little to allow you to get some photos to show that the Pershore frost is at least less now than it was.... those reports of minus 19 degrees C were not good news.

Wonderful how well those cushions come through such weather and I was hearing from a chat with the Director today that some snowdrops are making an appearance, so hopes of spring being in the offing are surely not too far-fetched. Hard for those of us with such alpine gems in our gardens not to feel a little smug about the passing of winter when "ordinary" gardens are still in the depths of wintery shut-down. Mind you, I have only nine open Galanthus flowers here in N.E. Scotland so far, so I needn't get over excited about the coming of Spring. I am keeping an eye on the saxigfraga troughs in hope of seeing the buds growing.

Nothing like an alpine trough to give early promise of the joys of flowers to come so thanks for showing them to us.

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 24 January 2011, 18:52top / bottom of page

Thanks Margaret for your kind comments, I'm quite an enthusiast when it comes to seed, so going to Pershore to pick out the seeds AND see the garden is quite a treat. There were a couple of snowdrops out the first time, so I will put those on and a very nice view of the trees outside full of mistletoe. No snowdrops at home here, yet.

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 24 January 2011, 19:24top / bottom of page

Contribution from Margaret Young 25 January 2011, 14:29top / bottom of page

My goodness, what a large amount of mistletoe.

And seen so clearly at this time of year. Looks to be a bit too high for handy Christmas time collection though!!

Elizabeth, it is a mystery to me why there are some people who are NOT fascintaed by seed- the chance to grow something new, something that in each generation from seed will be better adapted to your conditions, the opportunity to stand beside seed grown plants and say, "here's one I grew earlier"- and so get that happy glow of achievement- why wouldn't everyone want that? Then there is the infinite variety of the actual fruits and seeds themselves... another intricate and absorbing world. Last, but by no means least, there is the generous sharing of seed amongst the members in the seed exchange, facilitated by other members working together, well, that's a win-win situation if ever I saw one. Also, a chat over tea and cake (I've heard about the perks of your job!) with like-minded chums is always a pleasure.

Thanks again for the Pershore snowdrops and those lovely, laden trees.

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