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Display Gardens: Tufa

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Started by: John Humphries

With Tufa now being in very short supply can members please post some pictures of elements they have incorporated into their gardens, whether in raised beds, troughs or other features.

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Contribution from John Humphries 10 March 2008, 23:37top / bottom of page
Recent re-modelling of the AGS Garden at Pershore

Those of you who remember the mound at Pershore, will appreciate that it was taken down to help stage the society's exhibit at Chelsea, pictures of which can be seen in the Display garden thread adjacent.

What perhaps is not realised that on returning the components to Pershore, a new and much improved Tufa garden was laid out.

This has far more potential for creating a display than the old mound, and will be a longstanding featire in the garden.

I'll post more pictures of this and other elements as the months progress and the planting proceeds.

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