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Display Gardens: Display at Harrogate by West Yorkshire AGS Group

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Started by: Jim McGregor

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Contribution from Jim McGregor 22 April 2009, 17:15top / bottom of page

The Harrogate Spring Flower Show starts tomorrow. To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Society, The West Yorkshire (Leeds) AGS Group have been building a display garden in the Floral Hall - here is a preview of their superb effort.

First, a woodland area:

Here the final touches are being added to the area of the exhibit that illustrates plants for drier conditions.

And some more detail:

AGS Publicity and books at Harrogate

Nearby the AGS publicity machine is again in full gear with books an seed for sale and lots of information about the Society:

AGS Publicity and books at Harrogate

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 22 April 2009, 17:33top / bottom of page

Brilliant. I look forward to seeing it in the flesh on Saturday morning, very early!

Contribution from Jim McGregor 23 April 2009, 17:40top / bottom of page
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Contribution from john lee 23 April 2009, 19:03top / bottom of page

Thank you for the info and pictures Jim,I am looking forward to being there Saturday if I can find a plant or two.

Contribution from Margaret Young 23 April 2009, 21:07top / bottom of page
well done to you all !

The West Yorkshire Group have made a wonderful contribution to the Society's Anniversary celebrations with that super display.... I hope that the Show attracts many appreciative visitors....fingers crossed for nice weather to maximise the numbers arriving! The Nursery stands look very smart also .... I can feel my purse twitching with anticipation of next year's catalogues already!Well done to all the Members involved and thanks for bringing us the photos, Jim!

Contribution from Colin Dolding 24 April 2009, 01:36top / bottom of page

Congratulations to everyone involved in such a great display. Sorry I cannot be there to see it this year so thank you Jim for posting all the photographs.

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