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Started by: Jon Evans

RHS Wisley 20-21st June

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Contribution from Jon Evans 03 July 2015, 16:21top / bottom of page
Alpine Garden Society Stand

Finally, back to the Alpine Garden Society stand, and my pans of Rhodohypoxis.

Alpine Garden Society Stand
Aruncus aesthusifolius

Grown by Janet Pepper

Aruncus aesthusifolius

So there you have it.  That was our weekend promoting the society at a local gardening event.  I think this is something every group should aspire to do each year; you have a good day out, there are lots of opportunities to get to know other members of your group better, and in this case members of all sorts of other societies, and it does a little bit to raise the profile of the society.

Thanks to Alan Wolsoncroft and Bob Charman who organised the AGS stand, and to all those who came along to bring plants, or to help on the Saturday and Sunday.

If anyone notices names I have got wrong, or can name some of the plants where I couldn't find a label, or guess myself, please post corrections, or contact me.  Thanks.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 05 July 2015, 06:10top / bottom of page

Jon - thanks for your note about the umbel growing with Geranium psilostemon. It is Cenolophium denudatum. We were given this years ago by the amateur (in the truist sense of that word) botanist Mervyn Southam who made a close study of umbellifers, and opened my eyes a lot more to the family. He had this growing in a small limestone rockery in his garden near to Southampton and I was really struck by those very full heads of flowers and actually very good foliage. We grew it on the nursery and distributed it at specialist plant fairs and now, like umbels do, it has spread widely in gardens! It looks great with the geranium, typical meadow type planting. I remember Graham Gough once showing an amazing picture of G. psilostemon en masse in Turkey: the Cenolophium though comes from colder climes further north in the Baltic and Russia.

Super pictures of the AGS display at Wisley and rhodohypoxis. Hope lots of people took away leaflets and joined, or at the very least noticed alpines for the first time and find that they grow on them!

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