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Cultivation (growing techniques): What compost mix

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Started by: Andrew Kucharczyk

Compost mix for Erythroniums

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Contribution from Andrew Kucharczyk 30 November 2008, 12:44top / bottom of page

I've seed for Erythronium grandiflora grand'.Found in moist subalpine medows,growing in a limestone clay loam. Can I still use peat in my compost mix? What compost would you suggest?

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 December 2008, 01:18top / bottom of page

Hello, Andrew, here are some notes about how we grow Erythronium seed here in Aberdeen..... to start with, we always soak the seed for 24hours in water to which a tiny amount of soap has been added to break the surface tension. It is quite something to see how much even plump-looking seed will fatten up after this soaking. A well-drained compost is needed and we use the same formula that we use for all our container grown plants. By volume: two parts loam, one part humus and two parts (3 to 6mm) gravel this gives us a good open compost, if your loam is heavy you may need to increase the amount of gravel to obtain a good porosity. We use leaf-mould for the humus part but peat or equivalent can be substituted. We make no concessions to limestone in any way for our Erythronium grandiflorum seeds! The seeds are sown in a clump on the surface of a pot. The pots are topped off with gravel and placed outside to take the weather. They are left out side, since we prefer to grow erythroniums completely in the open frames, only giving the a cover if we get late frost and snow after they start to germinate. Hope this help you ! M

Contribution from Andrew Kucharczyk 10 December 2008, 15:59top / bottom of page

Thank you. I've been using something similar. Probably slightly more organic matter.

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 December 2008, 16:07top / bottom of page

While we have quite a humus rich mix for the seedlings, we do find that Erythronium in general are not happy in a soil with too much peat -so if you are growing them on, especially in pots, beware of a "too-peaty" mix!

Contribution from Andrew Kucharczyk 12 December 2008, 23:40top / bottom of page

I have no problems with E.revolutum,E.multiscapodium, and a few others,but I do have a few problems with E.oregonum. Which could be my mixture. I'll try a more loamy mix, and see how I get on in the future. Thank you

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