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Cultivation (growing techniques): Sisyrinchium- flowering and resting

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Started by: Helen Gibbon

A novice needing some advice please

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Contribution from Helen Gibbon 17 August 2007, 22:22top / bottom of page
Sisyrinchium 'Saphire'

I bought an alpine called Sisyrinchium 'Saphire' in a garden centre. The information on the tag just said "Cut away dead foliage each spring. It had flowered at the end of May through June. Now it seems to be over, the "heads" have gone brown. Do I cut these off, or just leave them? I can see new, smaller, greener growth coming from the crown. I've always loved alpines and now I have my own garden I hope to learn more and increase my collection...but I'm a bit clueless on most things!# Helen

Contribution from Val Lee 24 August 2007, 14:35top / bottom of page
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Hello Helen, sorry no one has answered your question to date, but I', afraid August is always a 'sleepy month'; mainly holidays and children home from school. I am no expert but presume that Sisyrinchium Saphire is one of the idahoense or bellum group, which have lovely blue flowers in the summertime, and are fairly easy to grow and propagate. It is a member of the Iris family and would appreciate being cleaned up at this time of the year, leaving the new young growth space to develop. If you do not wish it to seed around, then it is perhaps wise to remove the flowering shoots before they set seed. One or two of the family spread themselves around a little too freely for the rock garden. Do keep up your questions to the web site, I am sure that more members will be more than happy to help you and we all wish you well with your new garden. Alpines are a great hobby, and the local groups of the Society are very friendly and welcome new members, so please go along and make yourself known to the local secretary. You will get lots of friendly advice and also the group meetings have a wonderful Plant Sale table full of interesting 'goodies' Good luck with your sisyrinchium.

Contribution from Helen Gibbon 22 September 2007, 02:57top / bottom of page

Thank you, I took your advice and removed some of the older flowering stems. It didn't do much for a while, but now it's having another flush! thank you once again.

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