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Cultivation (growing techniques): Plants for sandbeds

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Started by: Eric Marsh

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Contribution from Eric Marsh 08 December 2006, 10:55top / bottom of page
But what plants?

This our latest alpine growing area. The 'soil' below the boulders etc. is sharp sand. The whole area is extremely well drained. Any suggestions as to plants would be most welcome.

But what plants?

Contribution from Paul Cumbleton 13 December 2006, 09:04top / bottom of page
Suggested Plants

Hi Eric, We built a small sandbed here at RHS Wisley this year and to give it a theme, planted it entirely with alpines from the USA. Here is a list of the plants we used: Aquilegia jonesii Aquilegia laramiensis Aquilegia saximontana Aquilegia scopulorum Aster coloradoensis Astragalus coccineus Epilobium rigidum Eriogonum cespitosum Eriogonum douglasii var meridionale Eriogonum flavum var. piperi Eriogonum gracilipes Eriogonum kennedyi Eriogonum kennedyi var alpigenum Eriogonum kennedyi var kennedyi Eriogonum ovalifolium Eriogonum ovalifolium var. caelestinum Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale Eriogonum siskiyouense Eriogonum thymoides Eriogonum umbellatum Eriogonum wrightii ssp. subscaposum Hymenoxys acaulis Lewisia nevadensis var rosea Lewisia pygmaea Lewisia rediviva Penstemon californicus Penstemon davidsonii var. praeteritus Penstemon eriantherus Penstemon eriantherus var. redactus Penstemon eriantherus var. whitedii Penstemon humilis var. humilis Penstemon jamesii ssp. jamesii Penstemon janishiae Penstemon nanus Penstemon newberryi f. humilior Penstemon ophianthus Penstemon thompsonii Phlox hendersonii Phlox hoodii Phlox hoodii subsp. muscoides Phlox longifolia ssp. brevifolia Phlox opalensis Phlox pulvinata Phlox speciosa Primula rusbyi Silene californica Silene hookeri ssp bolandieri Townsendia condensata Townsendia exscapa Townsendia incana Townsendia leptotes Townsendia mensana Townsendia parryi Townsendia rothrockii white-flowered Townsendia spathulata Viola pedata Many of these plants though hardy, would not like winter wet, so we have covered the bed for winter. This would obviously be something you may want to think about - if you don't want to cover your area for winter, this will limit yourchoice of plants. Being built for less than a year it is a little early to say what has done well, but early signs are the Eriogonums & Townsendias are particularly happy. The Viola pedata has also done really well and is still flowering right now! We plan to make another bed this coming Spring and this time it will be a mixed planting of anything we think may particularly benefit from a sand bed, but actual plant choices have yet to be made. Hope this helps a little Paul Cumbleton (Senior Supervisor of the Alpine Section at Wisley)

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Contribution from Eric Marsh 15 December 2006, 11:00top / bottom of page

Thank you very much Paul. Covering the bed is not really an option for us, so I will have to go looking through your superb list for those which will survive an English wet and at present warm winter! I already have in other parts of the garden some of the plants mentioned, though not in sand.

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