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Cultivation (growing techniques): Growing Hedychium

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Started by: Jo Makin

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Contribution from Jo Makin 26 March 2015, 08:43top / bottom of page

I inherited Hedychium villosum tenuifolium KW112305 half dead in a small pot, last February. In spring I repotted 'Ginger' who thrived  and is now in a large pot and threatening to take over the sitting room. I have a label stating moist riverbanks in Korea. The plant throws 50cm flower spikes. The flowers themselves are dainty but short-lived. It only briefly stopped flowering for 3 weeks in the New Year. I can find little about the cultivation of this evergreen species, its likes and dislikes or relative hardiness. Has anyone any information of need for resting periods ar other cultivatioin details. If it is hardy I'have a wet area outdoors I could offer it but in heavy clay soil. The question is am I to be a slave to this  plant, cosetting it indoors, or can it go to the garden? At the present rate of growth it could take over the World!


Contribution from Margaret Young 26 March 2015, 11:13top / bottom of page
Hedychium villosum v. tenuiflorum - KWJ12305.

I wonder if you have mis-read the  collector's number for your plant and it is in fact KWJ 12305 ?   Sue and Bleddyn Wynn-Jones  write about this - quote - "A small variety of a distinct species we collected seed of on Fan Xi Pan, the highest mountain in northern Vietnam in 2007, accompanied by our friend Ben Kettle. Where the plants we collected seed from formed a congested mat on a stony shaded riverbank with lanceolate evergreen leaves only 20cm long, on procumbent rooting stems to 50cm tall. Bearing short terminal inflorescences, with long slender white fragrant flowers terminating in the distinct arrow-shaped anthers, from late summer until frost (well into winter under protection). Best grown in full sun in a drained leafy moist soil, protect from frost with a heavy mulch or keep in containers. " end quote

So I think you are destined to do a fair bit of cossetting!


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