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Alpine Gardener (AGS Journal): New Bulletin and New Editor

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Started by: Jim McGregor

John Fiztpatrick's First Bulletin

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Contribution from Jim McGregor 13 July 2011, 23:27top / bottom of page

Our new Editor, John Fitzpatrick, has produced his first Bulletin and our copy arrived last weekend.

Kit Grey-Wilson was a hard act to follow, but John and Robert Rolfe, the Associate Editor have done a fantastic job.

As past Director of Shows, I am particularly pleased with the new look Show Reports.

Contribution from David Nicholson 14 July 2011, 19:35top / bottom of page

Excellent edition

Contribution from Diane Clement 15 July 2011, 10:30top / bottom of page

I think it's an excellent bulletin.

I like the idea of splitting the show reports over the bulletins through the year, better for those who aren't so interesting in shows not to have one edition dominated by shows, and also better for us show junkies as there's some in every edition.

I also like the increased number of practical articles and hope that can continue.

There also is a fresh look to the whole thing which is good. Congratulations to the new team.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 28 July 2011, 22:16top / bottom of page

Clearly I'm not so quick at getting round to reading the bulletin but now that I have I'll add my agreement that it was an excellent read and further endorse the move to publishing a few show reports in each issue. I'm a keen shower but I must admit I used to flag half way through the reports issue.

Keep up the good work

Contribution from Tim Ingram 28 July 2011, 22:54top / bottom of page
'Is the AGS too Highbrow?'

It probably is in some ways and not in others. This quote actually comes from a couple of articles in the Bulletin by Clifford Crook (Vol. 32, 346) and G. E. Barrett (Vol. 33,165) in 1965, and I raise it simply to follow on from the discussion in 'Any Other Topics'. Most members would probably regard being 'Highbrow' as a highly positive attribute, but at the same time to attract new gardeners a broad view of the Society is important and I have argued this elsewhere.

I enjoyed the latest Bulletin, as really I always have because they are beautifully produced and packed with information. But I would like to see a regular feature on members gardens. Within our membership of 6 to 7000 there must be a very significant number of fine gardens and it would be very interesting to see more of these and the great variety of approaches and interests that members have. Gardens by their nature do not have the degree of perfection seen in plants at the Shows and so should be viewed in a different way, and in particular in the sense of how they develop over time. Even if individual owners feel unable to write on their gardens, it may be that friends in their Groups or others could do so, and just as with Showing it is certainly the case that visiting other gardens can stimulate new ideas and projects in your own.

Contribution from Alan Jones 07 August 2011, 10:27top / bottom of page

Christopher Grey-Wilson made a superb job of editing The Alpine Gardener, as one would expect of a person with his phenomenal knowledge of plants; it must have been extremely daunting for our new editor to sit in the chair previously occupied by someone who can be rightly described as a ?national treasure?. But he has made an excellent start. The layout is crisp and inviting, evidence of his previous life as a national newspaper journalist. I know we have to cater for a very broad range of interest in the Society, but agree with Tim Ingram, and others, that articles about members? gardens would be most welcome. I have an alpine house but I love my garden more. If something can grow outside, then that is where it goes. John Fitzpatrick, of course, is fortunate is having Robert Rolfe as associate editor; their combined expertise has produced a well-balanced team and, in consequence, a good read. Good luck to them both---and keep-up the good work.

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