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AGS Shows: Spring AGS Show in Kent

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Started by: Tim Ingram

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 03 February 2012, 16:51top / bottom of page
Saturday 17th March

This Show comes at very good time for a wonderful variety of Spring species, and is always well attended. As part of my campaign (if anyone has noticed!) to up the visibility of the Shows to keen gardeners in Kent we are following the example set by Cliff Booker and others 'up north' to use more striking posters for the Show. If this proves successful then I would hope that some of the proceeds can be utilised to further promote the Show, and in particular really encourage visitors to consider joining the Society, which means making it as exciting and vibrant a day as possible. As they say 'if there is a will there is a way', and where better to start than one of the best spring displays of plants in the country!

Saturday 17th March

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 03 February 2012, 18:36top / bottom of page

Love the poster Tim, great idea. What size are they. A4 or A3?

Contribution from Tim Ingram 03 February 2012, 23:19top / bottom of page

Martin - thank you for your kind words. They are actually A5, which may seem a little small but allows them to be mailed out more cheaply and get better coverage. Printing is so good these days that they look pretty crisp. Jon Evans has kindly offered to print a larger poster and laminate it to put up at Wisley. It would be good to have a number of larger posters that could be distributed to strategic places, so if the budget allows this may be something to do next time. However, particularly important I think is just getting many more members to distribute such posters to specific places they know, and know people, because the coverage then is so much better. Will report back on how well attendance is after the Show.

Contribution from David Hoare 05 February 2012, 15:21top / bottom of page

A list of the Nurseries attending the KENT SHOW on Saturday 17th March 2012









They will be pleased to bring your order's to the show

Look forward to seeing you at the show.

David Hoare.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 17 February 2012, 19:49top / bottom of page

Just about to send out well over 100 posters to various places such as libraries, high quality garden centres, bookshops, local coffee shops, information centres, art shops and so on and so forth. As many local garden groups as possible, and also other local organisations such as the rspb and U3A, were contacted a month ago by email, plus local listings etc. This Sunday there will also be a good chance to mention the Show at the Kent HPS Snowdrop Day near Canterbury. Even with all this it is probably unlikely that the number of visitors will be all that much greater than normal, but you never know! The next step is to work on the welcome to visitors at the Show itself, and it would be nice to make more of a display at the entrance itself... but this might have to wait until next year. All of this takes considerable time so will only have felt worthwhile if we do find new gardeners coming along and feeling keen to join the Society and the local Groups. (It costs roughly a 1 per poster mailing but what this enables is quite widespread coverage of the event, as well as more concentrated coverage in the local area, and if sufficient members distribute posters efficiently too, this would also be a great benefit. It is certainly worth letting gardeners over a wide area know about the Show because the numbers of us with such specialised interest in plants will tend to be restricted).

Contribution from David Hoare 29 February 2012, 19:29top / bottom of page

WESTONBIRT PLANTS are taking the place of GER VAN DEN BEUKEN who has had to cancel due to illness.

We all hope he gets better soon.

David Hoare

Contribution from Tim Ingram 01 March 2012, 16:48top / bottom of page
Exhibition of Botanical Paintings

One of the great contributors to the AGS in Kent over the years was Rosemary Powis. With the permission of Rosemary's husband Paul, we are preparing a display of her botanical paintings for the Spring Show in March. As a taster here are a few examples, ending with the piece de resistance, a stem of brussel sprouts! :-

Exhibition of Botanical Paintings

Rosemary was an artist of great talent, as are many within the AGS, and it is a delight to be able to present her work to members and visitors to the Show.

Contribution from David Hoare 12 March 2012, 19:59top / bottom of page

We are looking forward to seeing you all

At THE 20th KENT SHOW at RAINHAM this Saturday.

If you are coming on Friday evening allow plenty of time to get over the Dartford Crossing.

David Hoare.

Contribution from Jon Evans 18 March 2012, 17:49top / bottom of page
Photos from the Show

After a week of warm sunshine, the weather forecast for Saturday was for rain, and it was clear from first thing in the morning that the best I could expect as show photographer was grey leaden skies. As a result, long exposures (> 1 second) were necessary all day, and I was pleased with how sharp the pictures came out. This year, I have been setting my camera into mirror lock-up mode, and it seems to help enormously with this type of photo.

The first job of the morning, before the judging has finished, is to photograph the 6-pan exhibits. Especially so when the exhibit consists of 6 huge dionysias, requiring the camera to be as high as possible on the tripod, and looking down. To see through the viewfinder and take the picture, I had to stand on a chair in the middle of the aisle; it was a good job they hadn't let the public in yet, it was dangerous enough with judges and stewards milling around.

Large six pan class

The AGS medal for the large six-pan went to Paul and Gill Ranson. Don't be deceived, there are only five dionysias here; the cushion at the back left is a saxifrage, perhaps filling in for the plant which suffered an accident at Loughborough.

Large six pan class
Small six pan class

The AGS medal for the small six pan was won by Cecilia Coller; some of the individual plants were photographed later.

Small six pan class
Lapeirousia pyramidalis ssp. pyramidalis

Since judging was still in progress, I began to seek plants which wouldn't be in consideration for awards, and which I could therefore safely remove for photography. The first of these was this difficult South African bulb exhibited by George Elder.

Lapeirousia pyramidalis ssp. pyramidalis
Wurmbea stricta

George Elder also produced a winning entry in the 3-pan bulbous class with another three South African bulbs, of which one, the Geissorhiza, attracted a great deal of attention.

This is Wurmbea stricta, a plant of seasonally damp places from the Cape (I have seen it in the wild, photographed flowering in standing water).

The second, close-up photo shows off clearly my secret weapon for combatting the gloomy weather. Over the winter I purchased (relatively cheaply) an LED light panel which produces an adjustable brightness at 5600K (daylight colour). It is very directional, which makes it difficult to use for a full plant, but excellent for adding some zing to close-ups.

Wurmbea stricta
Geissorhiza inaequalis
Geissorhiza inaequalis
Freesia leichtlinii

Sadly, although beautiful, this doesn't really make a good show plant; its natural habit is to lie flat on the soil like this.

Freesia leichtlinii
Dionysia Norlynn Heather

Now I would like to show some dionysias, concentrating on the babies in the New or Rare classes, rather than the giants in the heavyweight classes. This is a hybrid named Norlynn Heather, exhibited by Paul and Gill Ranson.

Dionysia hybrid 'Norlynn Heather' NLJ0507/1
Dionysia sarvestanica ssp. spathulata

Exhibited by Paul and Gill Ranson

Dionysia sarvestanica subsp spathulata T4Z1044
Dionysia crista-gallii

Exhibited by Paul and Gill Ranson

Dionysia crista-galli
Dionysia Inca Gold

Now for some a bit bigger. This is Dionysia Inca Gold, a Michael Kammerlander selection. There were several plants of it on the bench; this one was the largest and best, winning a Certificate of Merit for Eric Jarrett.

Dionysia hybrid 'Inka Gold' MK0353/2
Dionysia termeana

In the same entry (3 pans Dionysia) Eric had last week's Farrer medal plant, Dionysia termeana, this week awarded a Certificate of Merit and the new David Wisdom Trophy for the best plant of Primulaceae.

Dionysia termeana
Cyclamen x. schwarzii

Continuing on a Primulaceae theme, Ian Robertson was awarded the Cyclamen Society Salver for this plant of Cyclamen x. schwarzii.

Cyclamen x. schwarzii

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