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AGS Shows: Southport Show 2007

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Started by: Fermi de Sousa

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Contribution from Fermi de Sousa 14 December 2006, 07:23top / bottom of page
Where is Southport?

Excuse my ignorance (I do live on the otherside of the world)but where is Southport and how do i get there from London? I hope to be arriving in London on May 17th and see that Southport is on the 19th, so I'd like to include it in my itinery! Any advice would be welcome. cheers fermi (Mr F de Sousa, Redesdale, Victoria,Australia)

Contribution from Ben Probert 14 December 2006, 20:23top / bottom of page
The UK

Hi, hope you'll enjoy your visit to the UK! Assuming you have a map of the UK, it's on the coast between Liverpool and Blackpool. Try entering 'Southport' into for an online map. It is a long haul from London- to be honest you may be better booking an internal flight from London to Liverpool then getting a train (assuming there's one that moves!) to Southport. Of course with a long journey on top of your flight to the UK you may find yourself too tired to appreciate the plants! Still if you do get there you will love Southport- I can't say I know it very well but when I've been to the town I've found it to be full of nice and friendly people.

Contribution from Ben Probert 15 December 2006, 20:54top / bottom of page
One more thing...

Oh yes, Liverpool and Blackpool are on the North West coast of England!

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