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AGS Shows: Southport Show 2010

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 17 May 2010, 20:11top / bottom of page

Some pictures from Southport last Saturday. We had sunshine and sensible temperaturwes unlike last week at Malvern.

Allium shelkovnikovii

Asyneuma limonifolium

Two views of the Farrer Medal winning Dianthus squarrosus, well done Lee & Julie Martin

Two Erigerons now from Lionel Clarkson. E. Grand Ridge and E. scopolinus

George Young had a great day winning both 6 pan classes, now that takes some doing, 12 top class plants in one day! Here's a couple of his plants, Fritillaria biflora and Hesperochiron californicus

Staying with George her's his large 6 pan entry followed by a close up of Iris iberica elegantissima

Next I'll indulge in my passion for Lewisias with a close up of one of the many colours available in Ashwood's Carousel series

Two views of Meconopsis rudis, a decidedly spikey looking plant.

Next two views of Ramonda nathaliae, shown by Brian & Shelagh Smethurst

Next up is Rhodohypoxis Great Scot

and finally....two views of Trollius europaeus in a dwarf form.

That's it for Southport, now all I have to do is work backwards to Malvern and East Anglia and fill in the missing bits from this year's show photos.

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