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AGS Shows: Southport AGS Show 2015

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Started by: Ian Instone

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Contribution from Ian Instone 20 May 2015, 10:41top / bottom of page

Below are a few pictures I took at the Southport Show. Many thanks to Roger Beecham and all his helpers for a great show.

Contribution from Jon Evans 20 May 2015, 21:59top / bottom of page


Thanks for taking these photos, and for taking the time to post them.  That's an incredible entry for one pan Lewisia.  I'm interested in the winning 3-pan.  I would love to know what those three plants were.  The one at the front looks like a Nassauvia, or possibly an Eriogonum; behind that Viola cornuta ?, but what is the yellow plant at the back.

Contribution from Ian Instone 22 May 2015, 09:25top / bottom of page


Sorry but I didn't make a note of the names but the plants were exhibited by Tim lever. The original photograph is also out of focus so I cannot read the labels on my original picture and downgrading the number of pixels for the site has also made them impossible to read.

Contribution from Ian Instone 22 May 2015, 11:24top / bottom of page


I hadn't deleted the pics on my camera so I reloaded them onto the computer and could read the labels of the first two plants. The front one is Nassauvia lagascae, Armadillo's tail. The middle one is Viola cazorlensis x delphinantha. 

Contribution from Jon Evans 22 May 2015, 13:20top / bottom of page

Thanks Ian

I thought I recognised the Nassauvia.  Obviously not practised enough at violas.  The best possibility I can come up with for the yellow plant at the back is a linum - Gemmells Hybrid or one of the yellow species.

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