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AGS Shows: South West Show 2012

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 03 April 2012, 08:50top / bottom of page
Androsace villosa ssp. kosopolianskyi

An unusual form of Androsace villosa from Russia, exhibited by Ivan Pinnick.

Saxifraga burseriana Mangert

Another of Eric's plants, again in beautifully fresh condition.

Townsendia spathulata Cotton Ball

Despite the lack of sun, I was glad the hall got warm enough for this Townsendia exhibited by Dot Sample to open.

6 pans of Monocots

The Ivor Barton Memorial Trophy for 6 pans of monocotyledons went to Bob and Rannveig Wallis for this exhibit.

Trillium maculatum

At the back left of Bob and Rannveig's exhibit was this trillium.

Muscari macbeathianum

From the front row came this muscari.

Trillium pusillum v. pusillum

Bob and Rannveig Wallis also showed this small delicate pot of Trillium pusillum.

Erythronium hendersonii

My goodness! My second first of the year, and again in a class with 6 entries - what were the judges thinking of ?

Again two versions of the close-up; one with the LED panel, and one without.

Iris sari

Exhibited by George Elder. I have photographed this several times, but have never caught it as fresh and lovely as this.

Fritillaria orientalis

My first thought was what a tangled crow's nest of a plant. I wondered if it would fall out of the pot on the way to be photographed.

A first attempt at photographing the whole plant - a little better but not wonderful.

The obvious solution - a close up. Perhaps it would have been better with a little larger aperture, but I wanted to be sure I captured the whole of these deep rounded bells.

Narcissus bulbocodium Diamond Ring

Another lovely pan of daffodils from Lee and Julie Martin

Narcissus Solveig's Song

Finally, I think my favourite daffodil, exhibited by George Elder. 10 years ago, I could grow it easily and bloom it well; now I struggle to keep it alive. Perhaps it's climate change.

Paintings of Ranunculaceae

At the end of the hall, was a beautiful display of paintings of Ranunculaceae by Liz Copas. Liz is a wonderful artist, though scarcely known within the AGS. She seldom exhibits her work, and only at this show in the South West.

Below are most of the individual paintings; there were a few more, but they were at the top of the display, and it was hard to avoid the reflections on them.

Three anemones: Anemone blanda, coronaria St. Bridgid and nemorosa

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