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AGS Shows: South West AGS Show-Exter-26 march 2011

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Started by: David Nicholson

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Contribution from David Nicholson 26 March 2011, 20:09top / bottom of page

I know that Jon will have lots of images to add as soon as he is able but until then here is a shot of the Farrer Medal winning plant.

Usually I take a shot of the label at the same time as I take the plant but this time, for some reason I didn't. So apologies to Cyril Dart of Taunton whose plant it was. I know it was a Draba but ???????

Once again a very good show and very well attended so thanks to Di and Bob Dark and their dedicated team of helpers. The shot of the Hall was taken whilst lunch was being taken (if you see what I mean) at other times it was absolutely heaving.

Contribution from David Nicholson 27 March 2011, 19:18top / bottom of page

I new my system wouldn't fail, I've now found my image of the label for Cyril Dart's Farrer winning plant. It was Draba longisliqua.

Contribution from Jon Evans 03 April 2011, 16:50top / bottom of page
Belated Show Photos

Hi Everyone

After an exhausting week running the London Show in Vincent Square, I have finally managed to find time to sort out the images from the Exeter show.

I always try to photograph any tulips which catch my early in the day, as they, together with others such as crocuses, romulea and townsendias etc, are prone to close up later in the day. Likewise plants such as erythroniums and irises, whose flowers are likely to deteriorate during the day.

I started photographing with Tulipa iliensis, exhibited by Peter Summers, in the Intermediate Section. Joy Bishop brought the eye-catching red Tulipa stapfii, and Bill Squire showed a daffodil hybrid I wasn?t familiar with, Narcissus Stint.

Belated Show Photos

Julian and Sarah Sutton (from the nursery Desirable Plants), showed some beautiful epimediums. As I expected, they made lovely subjects to photograph, but they are so delicate that petals fell off every time I touched them; I am glad judging had finished. Here are Epimedium latisepalum x. wushense, and E. brachyrrhizum.

Sorry, that should be Epimedium latisepalum x. wushanense. Next Epimedium lishihchenii, and finally E. fargesii.

Nearby, Joy Bishop exhibited the tiny, and rare Iris henryi, with deep yellow buds opening to miniature white iris flowers no more than an inch across.

Another plant I had never seen before was Primula jaffrayana, grown by Richard Horswood from SRGC (?) seed. I am not sure whether the name is correct; I couldn?t find a picture on Google to check it against, but the plant doesn?t match perfectly the description from Farrer?s English Rock Garden (which Google did find). It would be interesting to know for sure what this plant is; the flowers were certainly striking, and much larger than those on the other members of the Frondosa group I am familiar with.

Robin White exhibited a wonderful pot of Moraea loubseri in the class for one pot of bulbs. It is a fairly easy South African to grow, but not at all easy to flower like this. I?m not sure the judges recognised the achievement in this covering of ephemeral purple flowers.

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