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Started by: David Bishop

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Contribution from David Bishop 07 December 2013, 15:46top / bottom of page

May I make a plea to AGS Show organisers to be more pedestrian friendly.

It's possible that I am the only AGS member to attend shows using public transport, but I know that the AGS has an interest in the rare and unusual so I hope for a sympathetic response. It would be helpful if Shows Calendars included in their directions to venues (presently useful only for car drivers) information for public transport users - nearest local railwat station(s), quickest route by foot, bus details etc. There have been times when I have abandoned plans to attend a show because of the time it took working out the practicalities of getting there, so who knows, I might attend more shows and others might be encouraged to do the same.

And, perhaps when local activists are preparing the venue they might think about the lone walker. Usually the only signs put up at the entrance of the site are those to the AGS designated car park so  the best way of getting to the show hall  for the pedestrian is to follow those signs then fall in behind the car driver/passengers from there. Its a system that does prevent me getting lost so I do get to the show eventually, but not by the quickest route for a pedestrian nor, since one has to share the road to the car park with cars, the safest.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 28 February 2014, 13:25top / bottom of page

David, I have now added Public transport information of the Loughborough Show in my Loughborough Spring Show thread. Hope to see you there.


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