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Started by: CLIFF BOOKER

Where, oh where are the Show Reports for 2009?

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Contribution from Cliff Booker 06 May 2009, 09:48top / bottom of page

Just as a matter of interest - where are the show reports for 2009? There is nothing posted after the Early Spring event at Harlow. Allowing for writer's cramp, writer's block, artistic inspiration and the drastic failure of the banking system, surely the respective authors have had the time and energy to submit their relatively short contributions from all the AGS shows in March and early April? ... or am I simply being picky again?

Contribution from Cliff Booker 03 June 2009, 00:22top / bottom of page
Show reports

Another month ... another query?

Contribution from Cliff Booker 30 June 2009, 22:18top / bottom of page

Getting repetitive I know ... but answers are there none?

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 01 July 2009, 02:08top / bottom of page

Can't help, I don't know either. Frustrating isn't it!

Contribution from Jon Evans 01 July 2009, 16:54top / bottom of page

What you are seeing here is yet another symptom of how much this website depends on the huge amount of voluntary time Jim McGregor is usually able to devote to it. I believe at least some of these reports have been written, and are now waiting for Jim to find time, in amongst everything else he is doing, to sort out relevant photos and post them.

This year, since the birth of his new grandchild, Jim has had far less free time to spend on the website, and as a result, the show reports, and various other aspects including Joint Rock Awards, have fallen by the wayside.

There is clearly a need to redistribute some of this load, but until that happens please give Jim a break. We all owe him a huge amount for what he does for the Society, not carping about the things he cannot find time for.

In the mean time, if any of the show reporters read this, it should be possible to post the online reports to the discussion pages. I am happy to help if desired (you can contact me using my agsgroups email - check the London Show details). I have photos from some of the shows (both my own and some from other show photographers) which could be used to illustrate them.

If John Humphries reads this could he also contact me privately.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 01 July 2009, 21:23top / bottom of page

Hi Jon,

Many thanks ... you have explained in just five minutes all that we needed to know. Everybody is highly appreciative of everything that Jim does for the Society and I, for one, fully understand the demands of new grandchildren, etc. All we requested was a simple explanation - if it had been down to slow or laboured reporting then perhaps it might be wise to ask other people next time. I don't think we have been 'carping' - we were simply eager to see the show reports from what now seems a very long time ago and would have been very satisfied with a brief explanation.

Best wishes to all.

Contribution from Jon Evans 01 July 2009, 23:52top / bottom of page

Hi Cliff

I'm sorry - I shouldn't have used the word 'carping'. I share some of your frustration in this - it seems to me that much of the value of a show report is in its immediacy. On the other hand, I would like to encourage people to post new material to the website, whatever they have, rather than focusing on what has not appeared.

I seem to remember John Richards, earlier this year, querying the continuation of the online show reports (forgive me, John, if I am mistaken). The reports in the bulletin are becoming more focused on the cultivation of a selection of exceptional or unusual plants from the show, which is probably the main value they can provide, when they appear so long after the event.

It seems to me that there is an opportunity on the website to provide something different, much more immediate, and potentially much wider ranging. An online show report need not be restricted in the number or selection of plants it covers, and can be a good deal less formal, touching on many of the other aspects of the show. For example, congratulations on the quality of the catering are much more relevant in an immediate report.

There is, though, a question as to whether the show reports should continue to form part of the formal structure of the website, which has some appeal, in that they are readily accessible in an organised format, but is also subject to issues like the current delay, or whether they should be posted to the Plants at Shows part of the Online Discussion, where they can be illustrated either by formal show photos, snaps taken by members of the show or casual photos by visitors, whatever is available. That way, more people could contribute, and the responsibility would not rest on a few individuals. Personally, I should like to encourage the second approach; if the management desires, text and pictures could be copied from the online discussion, when time permits, to construct a more permanent online record of each show.

I should perhaps add that I have no direct involvement in the AGS website; my sole responsibility is to collect, organise and catalogue the show photography.

Best wishes

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 02 July 2009, 00:28top / bottom of page

Thanks Jon for that simple explanation. I think there is mileage in separating the online reports from the 'formal' ones, not just in content but in reporter to try and get that informal but informative approach. I've often thought that, if I had the time, I'd love to do a sort of exhibitors fanzine show report. The major difficulty with that sort of undertaking is injecting humour without upsetting fellow exhibitors, judges and the general membership!

I also agree that the quicker online report is the place to do the thank yous, etc which would be out of place in the current style of Alpine Gardener based report and can become repetitive. One reason I'm sure the bulletin style was updated.

Sorry, I'm rambling, it's the heat!

Contribution from Chris McGregor 05 July 2009, 22:59top / bottom of page
Future of Show Reports

I have read with interest the comments regarding the format of Show Reports, both on the website and in the Bulletin. The views expressed by Martin and Jon are very helpful as I think it is timely for the Society to review the future of Show Reports. This topic will be discussed by the appropriate sub-committee later in the year and any other views would be most welcome.

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