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AGS Shows: Show Reports - 2010

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Started by: Judy Rhymes

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Contribution from Judy Rhymes 03 March 2010, 08:21top / bottom of page

Thank you, Eric and Robert, for the informative Show Reports and photos. For the folk who cannot get to the shows, it's lovely to have this information so soon after the show - well done.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 03 March 2010, 12:54top / bottom of page

Thank you for bringing them to my attention Judy. Visible through the "Shows" section.

Two great reports, thank you Eric and Robert.

Contribution from Margaret Young 05 March 2010, 18:37top / bottom of page

I'd like to add my thanks for all the Show news on the site and a special word to Jon Evans for his photos ....all nearly as good as being there.... though sadly, without the tea and cakes.....a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit must suffice for home viewing!!

Contribution from Jon Evans 02 April 2010, 23:11top / bottom of page

There's getting to be more and more to read on the AGS website. Regular visitors seem to check the members' diaries, the show results, and the online discussion for photos from the shows and many other recent and valuable contributions, but there are other parts of the website being updated regularly. Have you noticed them all ?

Considerable effort seems to have gone into making sure the show reports are appearing regularly, and lagging no more than a week or so behind the shows (go to Shows and then choose Reports).

Judy Rhymes has started publishing news updates on the AGS Garden at Pershore (Gardens to Visit/ AGS Garden News), and the Plant of the Month is being updated regularly by Ray Drew. The only page which seems to have fallen off the radar this year is the Joint Rock Awards.

Many of these contributions are made on pages where there is no direct opportunity for feedback, so I would like to congratulate all these reporters for their splendid articles here.

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