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AGS Shows: Pershore Show

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Started by: John Fitzpatrick

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Contribution from John Fitzpatrick 06 July 2015, 14:27top / bottom of page
Nurseries at the show

Eight nurseries will be attending the AGS's high-summer event, the Pershore Show on Saturday, July 11th.


Choice Landscapes


Jacques Amand International

Hartside (featured in this month's issue of The Garden)

Parham Bungalow Plants

Wildside (Keith Wiley)

Thuya Alpine Nursery (Simon Bond)

There will also be a members' plant stall and the Pershore College Plant Centre will be open, as well as hundreds of discounted new books and second-hand books on sale in the AGS Centre. There promises to be plenty on offer to tempt our members and the public! A day not to be missed.

Contribution from John Fitzpatrick 07 July 2015, 12:58top / bottom of page
Additional nursery for Pershore

We can add Edrom Nurseries to those who will be selling plants at this Saturday's show.

Contribution from John Fitzpatrick 08 July 2015, 15:24top / bottom of page
Yet another nursery!

The aster specialists, Old Court Nurseries, will also be at the Pershore Show.

Contribution from Lawrence Peet 12 July 2015, 11:19top / bottom of page
Pershore AGS photographs

Photographs of yesterday's show available here, just follow the link:


Contribution from Jim McGregor 12 July 2015, 20:34top / bottom of page

Show Results and pictures of trophy plants are now available on the

Show Results Page.

Contribution from John Fitzpatrick 13 July 2015, 11:49top / bottom of page
Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who made the Pershore Show such a success on Saturday, particularly the exhibitors, the nurseries, the judges, the large number of non-exhibiting AGS members who came along, and the almost 200 members of the public who attended. Also thank you to those who helped the small team from Pershore who organised the show with tasks on the day, such as catering, stewarding, selling raffle tickets, and breaking down after the show. And a big thank you to the staff of Pershore College for all their co-operation and hard work before and during the show.

Contribution from Chris McGregor 15 July 2015, 17:09top / bottom of page

I would also like to say a big thank-you to all those members, exhibitors, stewards, nurseries and visitors who attended the Pershore Show and helped to make it a great success. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves on what was a very hot sunny day.   The cream teas also went down well.

I am particularly grateful to Dave Riley who spent a good part of the day taking the money on the door.  Thanks to Shelagh and Brian Smethurst who helped to run the raffle and also to Mary Randall for her help with refreshments. The staff from the Centre gave up their Saturday to help the show (and also a good part of their Friday evening to set up the event).  John Fitzpatrick deserves thanks for agreeing to take on the role of show secretary in the first place as well as Jim McGregor who took on a variety of tasks.  Dave Charlton was a real hero - not only did he help on the door but he stayed behind to help us clear away the tables, together with Sam & Mavis Lloyd.

With your support we can look forward to doing it all again next year!

Contribution from John Good 27 July 2015, 21:15top / bottom of page

Sounds excellent, I wish I could have been there, but I have made a promise to myself to make it next year.

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