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Started by: Ron Mudd

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Contribution from Ron Mudd 24 December 2011, 18:56top / bottom of page

Congratulations to all those who entered the online show. I have quickly looked through each category and the quality is in my opinion excellent.

I would love to find many of these plants in my stocking in the morning!

Contribution from Tim Ingram 02 January 2012, 00:05top / bottom of page

I have just looked again at the garden pictures in the online show and some are astonishingly good. I would love to hear more about them either on the website or in the Bulletin, if they haven't already been featured. Such gardens could make a strong focus in a TV programme devoted to alpine plants in the garden and in Nature, and a fantastic feature in the RHS 'The Garden' Journal, if the Editor could be persuaded to publish such articles, and which would reach a much wider audience of keen gardeners. Or perhaps the Society itself could publish a book describing such gardens in different parts of the country?

Contribution from Ray Drew 19 January 2012, 14:38top / bottom of page

Many thanks to all those who entered this years on-line show and hello to all those who are considering entering next year ? it?s easy ? just follow the instructions on the ?on-line show? web page. A couple of points to note- the judges need to see as much of the plant or flower bed as possible. Image it as an AGS National Show, the judges will look at all aspects of an exhibit; is the foliage tatty or showing signs of disease or poor cultivation, is it drawn or unbalanced, does it look established - not just the flowers, no matter how good the photograph. Accompanying notes are welcomed, especially if they are of an educational nature and unless they are already specifically required, may be taken into account in tight decisions. You may choose not to enter the competition as an exhibitor but may like to join the increasing numbers of ?Popular voters?, the results of which are published alongside those of the AGS judges in January ? a great way to pass away those cold winter nights in the Northern hemisphere, waiting for Spring to arrive.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 19 February 2012, 09:03top / bottom of page

Finally made some time to sit down and view the online show properly. Wonderful gardens, wonderful plants. The highlights for me are the 'in-situ' garden shots, an aspect we don't see in normal shows of course.

Being a bit mathematically minded I started doing some comparisons of this year's show with the first one in 2006. I ran out of time in the end but did observe that in many clases in 2006 there were no, 1 or 2 entries. This is now a rarity.

In 2006 17 exhibitirs gained at least 1 red sticker, this year it was 21. Interestingly, of the 17 in 2006 the 5 most succesful are still exhibiting, and doing well in 2011, but there was no sign of the rest which is a pity.

What that means of course is that the show has attracted many new exhibitors in the last 5 years and the geographic spread has also increased. From the names I recognise we have Scotland, England, Scandinavia, varous bits of mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Finally, congratulations to Paul Ranson for collecting a whopping 15 red stickers.

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