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AGS Shows: On Line Show

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Started by: Tony Lee

Well done to Martin who had the most first stickers,and thanks to Jim or whoever for putting in the time to make this work .I hope we can do this again with more entries next time.

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Contribution from John Humphries 31 January 2007, 20:13top / bottom of page

I certainly felt that this was a worthwhile friendly competition. With a young family I find it exceptionally difficut to get to shows at the alloted time for staging. Never mind the 101 other reasons why a perfectly good plant does not make the bench on the day.

The on-line show would appear to be the perfect environment for novices to show their plants. I know I've had situations where I've only had one plant worthy of entry, scarsley enough to make the 100 mile round trip at 7am returning at 7pm, instead I've arrived at the show at 11am without plant, left at 3 and still had time to participate in all the other aspects of visiting a show, I'm sure there are plenty of other would be exhibitors like me who might find their way to the show bench via this sort of on-line competition.

Contribution from Mel Linney 10 November 2007, 14:12top / bottom of page

I think the on line show is a great idea. It gives members the opportunity to show plants that wouldn't normally get to a group show.After checking the results of the 2006 show it encouraged me to take pictures of my plants, not only at the shows but in my garden. It also hones my limited computer skills (still doing chopsticks on the keyboard)and gives me another dimension to a hobby I've enjoyed for almost forty years.

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 30 December 2007, 15:57top / bottom of page
On-line show 2007

I mistakenly put my piece about the on-line show in the wrong section, so here goes again. The on-line show is great and a lot of the photos are very good and make the enjoyment more. I look forward to seeing the results of judging and in addition thought it would be interesting to compare them with an on-line vote. I suggest voting 1st 2nd and 3rd in each class, giving 3,2 and 1 points respectively, then totalling the points. Is this feasible?

Contribution from John Richards 01 January 2008, 18:32top / bottom of page
On-line Show

Visiting this site for the first time, I quite agree with other contributions that it is an excellent exercise that allows those who for whatever reason cannot visit AGS Shows to allow us to enjoy their plants. Well done Jim and other contributors. It will be important in this anonymous exercise (to the point of judging) that gardens are not mentioned in future entries.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 06 January 2008, 18:41top / bottom of page
Online Show Judging/Voting

In response to Elizabeth Maddock's comments, the judging system is very similar to the voting system she suggests! Each of the judges involved independently grades the entries in a class (with a score out of 10) and the final places are allocated by aggregating the scores they allocated. The main difference is that there are only a few judges involved.

In future years, we could consider having a popular vote using the same system, but making every registered member a judge and compare the official results with the members' preferences.

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 21 January 2008, 09:27top / bottom of page
On-line show

How is the judging going for the On-line show? Speaking for myself, I'm fascinated to see the results. How are the internet problems at Pershore progressing?

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 22 January 2008, 17:58top / bottom of page

Elizabeth, picture the scene. It's about 11.40 on a Saturday morning. The judges are still working hard but the exhibitors are pacing up and down outside the hall. Some are trying to look through chinks in curtains, climb walls to look in high windows or bribe stewards for news. There are dark mutterings about the time it is taking to judge the classes, the fact that the pub opens for lunch in 20 muinutes, why don't they stop chatting and get on with it! This On Line Show is just training for all the Saturday mornings to come!! (Only joking Jim)

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 23 January 2008, 17:24top / bottom of page
On-line show

Point made! I will just have to restrain my impatience

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 27 January 2008, 13:30top / bottom of page
On-line Show

Well! Results at last! As I expected the judging was interesting. Some of the decisions you can whole-heartedly agree with and others you cannot-just like judging at the national shows. I was pleased to see I got a couple of firsts and have to thank all the people who took the trouble to make this event happen. I look forward to next year and have some photos lined up already

Contribution from Luc Gilgemyn 27 January 2008, 17:01top / bottom of page

May I also add my word of thanks to all the people involved in making this cybershow possible ! I was quite happy to see some positive judgements made over some of my entries ! After all for us overseas members it's the only opportunity to participate in a show ! I hope (and I'm convinced) that next year, there will even be more entries yet !

Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 28 January 2008, 11:55top / bottom of page
My plant!?

Looking through the show entries before judging whilst they were still anonymous I kept thinking that Aruncus aethusifolius of ours does look good but I don't really remember putting it in the show. Well it did look good, good enough to get some stickers and surprise surprise it belongs to Mel Linney, so well done Mel. I must remember to make a list of my entries this year.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 28 January 2008, 18:14top / bottom of page

Had me fooled as well Shelagh. I was sure it was yours and even posted a cryptic, cheeky comment to that effect on the SRGC forum. Well done Mel, glad to know someone can give Shelagh & Brian some competition. My plant just sulks

Contribution from Mel Linney 02 February 2008, 10:43top / bottom of page
Pleased as punch.

Thanks Shelagh and Brian for giving me such a boost mistaking my Aruncus for one of your excellent plants. My only regret was that I couldn't get it to the autumn shows. I took that particular picture towards the end of September before jetting off to the Dutch Antilles island of Aruba to celebrate my 60th. I must also thank Martin for his vote of confidence and hope to emulate his success one day too.

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