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AGS Shows: On Line Show 2008

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 22 January 2009, 20:04top / bottom of page

Thanks to Jim McGregor for organising this and to the judges who've spent time considering the efforts of the exhibitors. This show gets better every year which is a tribute to my fellow competitors. We get to see plants grown around the world to add to those we see at the 'live' shows here in the UK. Congratulations to all

Contribution from Diane Clement 22 January 2009, 23:33top / bottom of page

I also echo Martin's comments. It was nice to see the judge's comments this year.

Contribution from john lee 23 January 2009, 09:37top / bottom of page

I to would like to add my thanks to all involved,much appreciated.Tony.

Contribution from Luc Gilgemyn 23 January 2009, 11:07top / bottom of page

May I join my predecessors in thanking everybody involved in the On Line Show ! It's a great initiative and the only way for us, overseas members, to participate in any show at all ! Much appreciated !

Contribution from john lee 23 January 2009, 17:23top / bottom of page

The show is over then for another year,I sit here wondering what to do for the next hour,waiting to watch Notts forrest beat Derby county in tonights Footy.I wondered where the judges would have gone for the best in show had there been one,Could it have been Martins Lewisia Ashwood Ruby,or Eberhards Cyprepidium reginae,or maybe Diane!s Daphne.What do you think.

Contribution from Diane Clement 23 January 2009, 23:07top / bottom of page

It's interesting to have the judges' comments. I entered a Saxifraga 'Peter Pan' in the Saxifraga hybrid class and it was marked NAS as it was a “Named form of S moschata and not a hybrid” The recent book by Malcolm McGregor lists it as a "mossy hybrid" and the Saxifraga Society list it as having unknown or uncertain parentage. I'd be interested in more information please. Who is correct?

Contribution from Cliff Booker 24 January 2009, 11:02top / bottom of page
Excellent images

Thanks to all the exhibitors, the judges and the Society for this excellent resource. Congratulations to all the winners and a special mention for the superb plants and beautiful gardens exhibited by members from outside the U.K.

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