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AGS Shows: Northumberland Show - Hexham

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Started by: Peter Maguire

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Northumberland (Hexham) Show


This is just a reminder to all exhibitors (and potential exhibitors!) and visitors that the show will be taking place at the usual venue of the Wentworth Leisure Centre in Hexham on 29th March.


Also of note are the new parking arrangements - the town centre cark park is now free! However you should note that certain parking bays, outlined in red on the ground and shown on the red shaded area on the accompanying aerial view, are limited to two hours use only. To use these parking spaces you need to purchase a parking disc (cost £1.00) from one of the machines in the car park and you are only allowed to park in a red space for two hours, although the parking disc can subsequently be used at other car parks in Northumberland. Note that the parking wardens are very efficient in policing the car park.


The rest of the car park, with spaces marked in white on the ground and shaded green on the picture below are free all day, with no time limit and no parking disc required. This does mean that the car park is now very busy all day


Exhibitors are reminded that if the are unloading their plants behind the show hall early in the morning, then they should move their car immediately after unloading, and before staging their plants, to a 'proper' space in the car park. We regularly have problems with the adjacent supermarket over access for their delivery lorries, especially in the morning, and as the access is over their property, we wish to ensure that we do not lose this valuable facility.

Sorry - the parking map failed to load with the last posting. Here it is.

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