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AGS Shows: Northumberland (Hexham) Show 2nd April

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Started by: Peter Maguire

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Contribution from Peter Maguire 27 March 2016, 16:59top / bottom of page

The Hexham (Northumberland) Show will be taking place in the Wentworth leisure Centre, Hexham as usual on Saturday April 2nd.

For those wanting to order plants, the nurseries attending are:

Aberconwy  Tel: 01492 580975

Edrom  Tel: 01890 771386

Harperley Hall Farm  Tel: 01207 233318

Hartside Tel: 01434 381372

Pottertons  Tel: 01472 851714

Rumbling Bridge  Tel: 01577 840160

Ryal  Tel: 01661 886562

Slack Top  Tel: 01422 845348

Timpany  Tel: 028 9756 2812

Sone of the shows have been closing a little earlier this year, however we have found that the show is generaly busy until almost the last minute, so will close at the advertised time of 4.00pm.Whilst the show hall will be closed for judging from 9.45 until about 11.30, the adjacent plant sales area will be accessible throughout this time as well as the time that the show hall is open.



Previous visitors to the show will be aware that there have been changes to the parking arrangments over the past few years, and yet again the County Council have rearranged things in the car park. Whilst the show hall is adjacent to a large car park, which is free to park in, there are areas of limited parking duration marked out by the coloured parking bays.

Red: Max 2 hours, no return within 3 hours

Blue: Max 4 hours, no return within 5 hours

White (marked in green on the map below) all day parking

These are monitored closely, and your arrival time is recorded in the car using a parking disc when using the Red and Blue marked bays.You can use a parking disc from home, if your local council has a similar scheme, otherise they are available locally, the best option being the Tourist Information Centre at the top of the car park (marked 'Wentworth Car Park' on the plan below) and will cost £1.For most people visiting the show, there will be plenty of space using the blue bays.


For exhibitors, and others planning to be at the show for longer periods, you will need to use the white parking bays (shown in green on the plan above) for which no parking disc is required. Please note - I understand that generally ALL of these spaces are occupied by 9.00am, so you will have to get there early, and if unloading plants around the back of the show hall, thern move your car to the main car park straight away, before staging plants.The alternative is to use one of the other free car parking spaces in the town which are a 10-15 minute walk away, marked 11-15 on the map below, although realistically number 14 is the only one likley to have available spaces.

Contribution from Don Peace 03 April 2016, 05:38top / bottom of page
Mark Childerhouse wins the Forrest Medal with Saxifraga 'Coolock Gem'
Mark Childerhouse wins the Forrest Medal with Saxi

Contribution from Peter Maguire 03 April 2016, 17:56top / bottom of page

Many thanks to all exhibitors and helpers who made my final show as show secretary such a successful and pleasant experience. I had a major concern that the new parking arrangements were going to cause us problems, but in the end there were none that I was aware of.

If anyone did experience signifiacant problems then please let me know - we are already planning ahead to next year's event - yes, I will be involved in a more minor role. I hope that Angus, my successor, will be as fortunate.


I am grateful to all those who helped over the years, both in the organisation/setting up of the show, and to all those exhibitors who have brought their stunning (and numerous!) plants to Hexham for us to admire. Perhaps I may have time to enter one or two myself again over the coming years.

Contribution from Ian Instone 03 April 2016, 20:02top / bottom of page

Below are a few pictures of plants that took my eye. Well done to all for an excellent show.

Contribution from Margaret Young 04 April 2016, 17:58top / bottom of page

This  looks to have been a quite superb show - so many fine plants on the benches. A fitting finale for Peter's  tenure as Show Secretary - thank you Peter!

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