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AGS Shows: Newcastle (Ponteland) show 2011

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Started by: Peter Maguire

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Contribution from Peter Maguire 09 October 2011, 16:43top / bottom of page

I understand that it may be a day or so before the show results are posted on th web, so for those of you who are wating to find out what happened, here a few pictures to keep you informed.

Firstly, a group of images of the best in show plant - Nerine Humilis, shown by David Boyd, a local group member from Powburn (a Forrest Medals this year as the show was run under SRGC rules in 2010)

Contribution from Peter Maguire 09 October 2011, 17:13top / bottom of page

Some more of the award winners, from left to right:

Newcastle Trophy (best plant in Intermeidiate and Novice Sections): Cyclamen mirabile - Sue Gill

Millenium Trophy (best foliage plant): Celimsia longifolia - Brian and Shelagh Smethurst

Ewesley Salver (best Cyclamen in a 19 cm pot): Cyclamen Graecum - Derek Pickard

Contribution from Peter Maguire 09 October 2011, 17:28top / bottom of page

Further award winners:

Alpines 2001 trophy (best cushion plant): Benthamiella patagonica - Maragret Pickering

Certificate of Merit (one of three): Saxifraga fortunei rubrifolia - Tom Green

Certificate of Merit: Coprosma petrei x brunnea - Trevor and Angie Jones

Contribution from Peter Maguire 09 October 2011, 17:52top / bottom of page

The third Certificate of Merit, and an AM from the Joint Rock, went to Empodium flexile - Bob and Rannveig Wallis.

(I should also have menioned that David Boyd was also awarded an AM for his Nerine humils, in addition to his Forrest medal)

The final, award, for a display entitled 'A Walk on the Wild Side', which detailed wild flower habitats in Northumberland and County Durham, with particular refernce to Magnesian Limestone Grasslands and the alpine flora areas of the North Pennines and Northumberland NP, was awarded to the North East England group of the AGS. To those locals around here, we know that the credit for this display really belongs to Mala Janes, one of our committee members who has done so much for local group, and AGS, publicity in the area. Here a few images to give a flavour of the display.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 09 October 2011, 18:17top / bottom of page

Empodium flexile- I'd have to say the perfume is an acquired taste....which I have not acquired! pretty though.

Contribution from Jon Evans 09 October 2011, 20:20top / bottom of page


If it was a choice between the Empodium and the Biarum pyrami which Bob and Rannveig brought to the Autumn South Show, I would take the Empodium any day !

Actually I quite like the scent. Some care is needed to protect this plant from hard frost. I had a pan like this until Feb 2009, when my greenhouse heater broke and all my plants experienced -8C for the best part of a week. Pots like this which were standing on sand on a shelf froze solid, and all that survived were three small offsets from the centre of the pot. Mind you, it wasn't just South African stuff I lost; many Mediterranean bulbs including several forms of Romulea bulbocodium perished. I think few bulbs will really tolerate their pot freezing through while they are in growth; it is much better to make sure they are plunged to the neck of the pot in a sand bench.

Thanks Peter for posting these lovely pictures; in particular, I know it isn't easy to capture Nerines this well.

Contribution from Peter Maguire 09 October 2011, 22:49top / bottom of page

The judging this year took some time, firstly because there were some new classes which were the cause of much discussion and probably controversy, although I was busy for most of the afternoon and didn't get to hear the reactions to the judging. The major discussion point for the judges seemed to be the interpretation of the '5 varieties of alpine plants in fruit,cone or seed grown by the exhibitor, etc' and two of the entries were deemed to be NAS (Not According to Schedule for the non-showers amongst you). I beleive Don Peace ,who was a judge and who is writnig the show report for the journal, will have some words to say about it. The class is pictured here so you can have a go at judging it yourself.

The judges life was also made harder by the sheer numbers of plants in some classes where the winners aren't immediately obvious ,such as cushion plants (shown here), ferns, and conifers.

Contribution from Peter Maguire 09 October 2011, 23:04top / bottom of page

I was able to take quite a number of photographs of other plants that caught my eye. I'll start with some of the gaudy ones, and add some more tomorrow.

Firstly Gladiolus carmineus, exhibited by Darren Sleep. Jon mentioned that photgrpaphing Nerines was hard, actually it was simple compared to this plant, the top-heavy flowers stalks of which seemed to move if anyone within several feet moved and created a breeze.

Second is Vaccinium vitis-idaea 'Red Candy' which was shown by Anne Vale. The fruits on this plant looked to me to be enormous compared to the standard species and it seemed as if each one had been individually polished.

Finally, and a little more restrained, is Viola spathulata, a difficult species which Ian Kidman seems to have tamed successfully.

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