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AGS Shows: Newcastle, October 2006

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

A personal selection of pictures from the show

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 17 October 2006, 21:09top / bottom of page
The pictures that made it

A different challenge this week. The light was of the right quality there just wasn't much of it! First up Gentiana Blue Sea shown by Ian Leslie. This isn't a great picture but it was a stunning Gentian to look at

The pictures that made it

Next we have Cyclamen rohlfsianum shown by Ivor Betteridge in a foliage class and winning the Millenium Trophy for best foliage plant. There's flowers I hear you cry. Could you bear to take them off? And look at those leaf patterns! Reminds me of my local garden club show where we had to specifically state 'no flowers' in one foliage class to prevent upsetting some local worthies (hope they don't visit this site).

Next up two views of the Farrer Medal winning Gentiana Limelight, again by Ian Leslie. Gorgeous plant. I'm jealous. Clearly I'll have to move to Wales to find a climate where they won't die instantly.

As you'll have noticed that second image wasn't quite what I intended. It's Narcissus broussonetii shown by Bob & Rannveig Wallis which was very dainty even if the name is not. Jim, I need a preview for posts to stop me making mistakes.

Next up is Jim McGregor's pot of Crocus goulimyi, a Farrer contender which had to be content with a Certificate of Merit on the day.

And now the Spring flowering Dionysia curviflora shown by Ian Kidman.

Next the AGS Medal winning 6 pan entry by Bob & Rannveig Wallis. A very pretty and dainty exhibit but what I wouldn't have given for a little more light. Flash was tried but trust me you don't want to see the result

Finally for tonight before I go off to check the football scores is Petrocosmea rosettifolia shown by Brenda Newton. The poor backlighting has picked out the hairs, accidental but attractive.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 23 October 2006, 20:11top / bottom of page

Next batch starts with Gentiana farreri Aberconwy Seedling shown by Keith & Rachel Lever which received a Certificate of Merit. The exterior was worthy of a low level shot

A plant which attracted much attention was Massonia pustulata shown by Bob & Rannveig Wallis. The quilted effect of the foliage isn't quite captured when the file size is reduced for Web publishing but hopefully you'll get the idea.

Celmisia semi-cordata ssp aurigans shown close to perfection by Alan Furness. Another genus I'll have to move house before I can grow it.

The last plant is Cyclamen mirabile shown by Jim Watson who won the Newcastle Trophy for the best plant in Sections B or C with this specimen. My personal best Cyclamen in the show.

Now a few views of the show

No prizes for spotting the nurseryman

Captions are required for the next two pictures. No prize I'm afraid. Just what is Harry saying?

and what's happening here?

And finally a litle Autumn colour to finish the season. The Acer was shown by Harry Roberts

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