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AGS Shows: Newcastle 2008

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 12 October 2008, 17:08top / bottom of page

Some pictures of yesterday's show for those who couldn't make it. Before we enter the show hall this delightful fungus was captured on the grass verge outside the hall while the judges were doing their thing.

Now the main course begins. First the delightful Hyacinthoides lingulata which earned a Certificate of Merit for Bod & Rranveig Wallis

Next, the most floriferous plant in the hall. Saxifraga fortunei Early Ruby shown by Brian & Shelagh Smethurst

Cyclamen graecum ssp anatolicum which won the best foliage award for Bob & Rranveig Wallis (there's a theme developing here!)

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 12 October 2008, 17:26top / bottom of page

Crocus pulchellus shown by David Boyd

A delightfully coloured form of Cyclamen hederifolium belonging to Alan Newton. I hope after showing this he has a good lock on his greenhouse!

Next up Bessera elegans shown by David Boyd

Colchicum autumnale which won the best in sections B&C for B aggregate winner Robin Pickering

Rosularia sempervivum glaucophylla shown by Joyce Scott

Cyclamen africanum shown by ace baker Sue Gill

Celmisia semicordata ssp aurigans, part of the section C aggregate winning collection of Mala Janes

A double Gentian, Gentiana Lucerna, shown by Dennis Brennan.

Back to the big pans now. This example of Cyclamen rohlfsianum, shown by Bob & Rranveig Wallis, was voted best in show by the judges but, alas, did not quite merit the award of a Farrer Medal

Bob & Rranveig again. This time their AGS Medal winning small 6 pan entry

Cyclamen mirabile, the best Cyclamen in a 19 cm guessed it. Shown by Bob & Rranveig Wallis

Gentiana sino-ornato which won the best Gentian award for Barry Winter

And finally, this week's caption competition.

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