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AGS Shows: Midland AGS Show 2015

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 19 April 2015, 15:53top / bottom of page
Fritillaria meleagris alba

Our native Fritillaria meleagris is still a favourite of mine, particularly when it is the white form, here exhibited by Don Peace.

Fritillaria meleagris alba
Fritillaria crassifolia hybrid

This F. crassifolia hybrid was also exhibited by Don Peace.  It might well have been in contention for the Farrer, but for the unfortunate fact that Don exhibited it in a class for plants native to Asia.  As a man-made hybrid it was deemed not according to schedule; even the most experienced exhibitors can make mistakes sometimes.

Fritillaria crassifolia hybrid
Tristagma uniflora Alberto Castillo

Finally, a neat and elegant plant of Tristagma Alberto Castillo, exhibited by Martin and Anna Sheader.

Tristagma uniflora Alberto Castillo

My thanks to John Harrison and all his team for a wonderful show, and a great day out.  I don't know how you always seem to manage to arrange sunshine for the show, but you did it again.

Contribution from Paul Ranson 20 April 2015, 07:46top / bottom of page
Dionysia 'Lauren'

Glad you liked D. 'Lauren' Jon. It's a bit of a mystery plant which was given to us by Michael Kammerlander in 2010 during a brief visit to him whilst returning from our annual holiday to Austria. It had escaped his usual meticulous alpha-numeric numbering system as it was a cutting from a seedling that had germinated in a plunge. As such, not only was the pollen parent unknown (as is usual for his open pollenated plants) but also the seed parent. However, it did appear between two plants of D. 'Alcyone' (John Dixon's 1992 microphylla x involucrata cross) so its seed parent is presumed to be that as it is very similar. I spoke with John Dixon at the show and we both felt it looked like a back cross with involucrata but MK says there were no involucrata plants in the vicinity. When he gave us the plant Michael asked us to name it as it had no number, so we settled on 'Lauren', our daughter who was with us on the trip. My attempts to propagate it have failed miserably which is particularly unfortunate as it is a very distinctive cross and I am only aware of one other plant in existance. Must try harder this year.

Contribution from Ian Instone 20 April 2015, 09:43top / bottom of page

Thank you John for spending such a long time at the show taking photographs of the plants and the vast amount of time you spend at home putting the pictures on the website. I don't think that most people realise how long it takes to edit the photos and add the names and comments etc.

Below are a few pictures I took of plants, on the benches, that took my fancy.

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