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AGS Shows: Malvern AGS Show 2015

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 12 May 2015, 20:32top / bottom of page

My journey to Malvern started not at the crack of dawn on Sunday, like most exhibitors, but on Wednesday morning, driving up to Pershore for the Memorial Service for Michael Upward, which, remarkably, was attended by over 300 people, gardeners and friends past and present.  After the service, I went to the Pershore office to pick up my Build-Up pass, and headed off to the show ground, where I had to put up the artistic competition (250 pictures), plus a personal exhibit to fill the remaining boards (140 pictures), plus various other bits and bobs.  Unsurprisingly, I was still there at 8.30pm that evening, and had to rush to make the 9.00pm last check-in at my hotel.

By the time I left, the hall was prepared for the arrival of visitors the following morning.  The AGS (Book) Sales tables were set up.

Christine and Jackie from the Pershore office had worked all afternoon to get things ready.

Opposite the book sales was a lecture area where John Dower was to have been giving demonstrations about constructing miniature gardens.  As a result, the display behind the speaker had some boards I prepared several years ago, with photos of tufa gardens, troughs, and crevice gardens.  Unfortunately, John had to cancel at short notice, so the visitors were instead treated to talks by Jim McGregor about his own garden, plus looping video presentations by Helen Picton and Ross Barbour, which seemed to attract a significant amount of interest from visitors taking advantage of the seating to eat their lunch.


In the centre of the hall were three long tables, bearing the results of the local schools fishbox competition.  The schools were approached by Ross Barbour, who encouraged them to produce fishbox gardens planted with alpines; he deserves a huge amount of credit for the success of this project.  As last year, many of the schools produced posters containing descriptions of the development of their gardens, or investigations into alpine plants.  This is something that every show with space should be trying.

One of the highlights of the show for me occurred when a school party visited on Friday, and there were roughly 15 7-year olds sitting in an orderly fashion in the lecture area watching Ross on TV explaining how to grow alpines from seed.

Eastnor Primary

Now let's take a more detailed look at the exhibits.  This is the colourful display from Eastnor Primary.

Eastnor Primary
Grove Primary

I particularly liked the way the sempervivums were nestled into a crevice in the trough with the clematis.

Grove Primary
Callow End C of E Primary School

Some very imaginative wooden features which look like they might have been made from ice lolly sticks, and wonderful painted rocks.

Callow End C of E Primary School
St Marys C of E Junior School Studley

These troughs were accompanied by photos of the children making them, and a series of wonderful annotated botanical drawings of plants.

St Marys C of E Junior School Studley

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