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AGS Shows: Loughborough Autumn Show, 4th October

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 22 September 2014, 18:05top / bottom of page

Hi all, it's that time again. The Loughborough Show is on Saturday the 4th October. Even if Show plants are not your thing there will be 14, YES 14!!, nurseries in attendance plus a members plant stall, plant pots and catering. Full details in the flier below. Hope to see you there.


Martin & Neil

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 29 September 2014, 18:29top / bottom of page

Well we can't promise you hot food with chips to match the Rainham team on Saturday but we can now offer you 15, yes 15, nurseries under one roof with the addition of Buried Treasure to the list of attending suppliers. So even more choice and rare bulbs to buy.


Hope to see lots of you there on Saturday

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 02 October 2014, 08:43top / bottom of page

Thursday am update. My email is down so if you need to get in touch please use the phoine number in the shows handbook, available on the website if oyu don't have a copy handy



Contribution from Martin Rogerson 03 October 2014, 07:16top / bottom of page

OK, email functioning again but there is a hole in my inbox from about midnight Wednesday till early Thursday evening. If you sent show entries by e-mail and have not received a response from me please resend tioday or feel free to rely on using the late entry system tomorrow morning





Contribution from Ian Instone 05 October 2014, 20:51top / bottom of page

Below are a few pictures I took at the Loughborough show. We had a wet start to the day but exhibitors braved the weather and put on a really good show. Thank you Martin for all your hard work in setting up the event. After I complained about not organising good weather in the morning you made up for it later in the day. Well done!

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 06 October 2014, 08:19top / bottom of page

Thanks Ian but I need to wave the flag for a few more people....Loughborough Show has two secretaries who split the load so thanks are also due to Neil Hubbard my fellow secretary. The money side is looked after by Fred, our Derby group treasurer (and if I don't get a pile of receipts to him today mI'm in deep trouble). Everyone gets fed so thanks have to go to my wife Joan, her friends Ann & Reg (who have nothing to do with the AGS but come and help sort out the judge's lunch), to the army of volunteers who help in the kitchen and I rarely get the chance to thank properly, the heavy team (workload not size!) who turn up on Friday night to put the show together, the very tired heavy team who stay behind on Saturday to take it all apart, the stewards, the folks who man the doors, the Tombola and the plant stall, the Nurseries and plant pot sellers whose presence draws people in................and everyone else I've forgotten. And on top of that there;s the HQ team doing printing, delivering supplies of entry cards, etc. Phew, I'm tired just thinking of everyone who gets involved and just how vital each and everyone of them is to the process of staging a successful show.

I'll finish with a real cheesy management speak truism......There's no I in team :-)

Contribution from Jon Evans 07 October 2014, 16:11top / bottom of page

First of all, thanks to Ian Instone for posting all the show views above. 

Having watched the weather forecast carefully for the previous couple of days, I was dreading the early morning trip up the M1 to Loughborough in heavy rain and high winds, but in the event, the passing front was later than forecast, and I had reached the M6 junction before the heavens opened. I arrived and took my plants into the hall during a lull, and after judging had finished I was able to use the judging table for photography, up against the window.  With a meeting in the afternoon, the time I had for photography was very limited (2.5 hours instead of the normal 4-5 hours). 

For most of that time the light was dreadful – the hall is renowned for its strong orange/yellow lighting, and there was little daylight from the window to help matters.  The most successful images were taken when I had an assistant to hold my reflector to screen out most of the obtrusive yellow light, and I provided highlighting on the plant using my LED panel in my free hand; sadly a lot of the time my various assistants were distracted elsewhere, in which case I had to make do with either the reflector and no light on the plant, or the LED and a subtle residual colour cast.  In the circumstances, these pictures haven’t come out too badly, but the Farrer-winning cyclamen, for example, isn’t the pristine white it should be.

Crocus niveus

As always, I started with the most ephemeral flowers.  First up was a lovely pan of Crocus niveus exhibited by Ian Robertson, which was awarded a Certificate of Merit, and a First Class Certificate by the Joint Rock Garden Plant Committee.  Really, I wanted to photograph this before or during judging; by the time I got to it, the blooms were beginning to flop slightly.

Crocus niveus
Crocus niveus

Don Peace exhibited a different clone of C. niveus, with stronger colouration.

Crocus niveus
Crocus goulimyi

Lee and Julie Martin were given a Certificate of Merit for this large pan of C. goulimyi.  There were several big pans of the white form, but none were sufficiently out at the time I was taking photographs, although at least one would have made a decent picture by the close of the show.

Crocus goulimyi

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