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AGS Shows: Loughborough Autumn 2006

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

Some plants seen at the show

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 07 October 2006, 21:38top / bottom of page
My personal choice

The lights in the Loughborough Hall are not kind to green or to photographers. I avoid flash as it tends to flatten the subject but this picture of Oxalis speciosa shown by Bob & Rannveig Wallis has benefited from the use of flash

My personal choice

Next is Cyclamen hederifolium v confusum shown by Mike & Christine Brown

Thi sis Cyclamen graecum ssp anatolicum shown by Ian Robertson. This plant was discussed by "Joint Rock" and honoured with an Award of Merit and a Cultural Commendation

A break from the legions of Cyclamen on display was provided by John Richards Sternbergia sicula

Robert Rolfe won the Farrer Medal with this pot of Crocus serotinus ssp salzmanii f albus El Torcal. There should also have been a prize for getting all that on to a label which didn't dwarf the plant

This plant of Fascicularia bicolor shown by Chris Bowyer was certainly the brightest coloured plant in the one pan foliage class

but lost out in the coloured sticker race to Leptinella Platt's Black, a very neat foliage plant which I'd be reluctant to let loose in the garden

In the Crassulaceae classes was this example of Crassula socialis from South Africa usually admired for its geometric foliage. The white flowers are individually insignificant but a well flowered plant is quietly attractive in Spring

Minor miracles can occur at shows. This Abrotanella forsterioides was part of a large 3 pan cushion entry which one first for Chris Bowyer. As it was being carried across the car park early on Saturday morning the pot disintegrated depositing the plant and its compost on the ground. Undaunted Chris bought a new pot and repotted his plant using a bag of compost he just happened to have in the boot of his car. By the time the plant reache dthe bench only Chris could tell it wasn't as tight a cushion as it had been.

Back to Cyclamen now with C. colchicum shown by Mike & Christine Brown. This plant was awarded a Certificate of Merit

This plant of Empodium namaquense shown by Bob & Rannveig Wallis received a Certificate of Merit from the judges and a Preliminary Commendation from Joint Rock. Personally I'll remember it for the strange chemical smell it emitted.

Just in case you thought I was finished with Cyclamen here's C. intaminatum shown by Cecelia Coller

That was definitely the last Cyclamen. Next we have Pterostylis coccinea shown by Ian Leslie

And now Vaccinium cylindraceum shown by Peter Farkasch. Apologies if Vaccinium isn't you cup of tea, I'm a little smitten by them

Last picture from the show. I'm now off to take typing lessons. If you haven't spotted the mistakes so far you also need some extra education! This one is Spiranthes cernua odorata shown by Neil Hubbard

Contribution from John Humphries 08 October 2006, 09:58top / bottom of page
Thanks Martin.

Many thanks for putting these on display.

I had hoped to get to the show myself, but other committments unfortunately took precedence.

Your inclusion of the plants, and some valuable commentry alongside certainly helps to portray the ambience of the show.

Personally, I think Robert Rolfe could write a book on how to get a Farrer Medal Winner, 250 miles to a show, by public transport.

The man's a genius.....thanks Robert.

Thanks again Martin, for bringing the show to these pages.

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