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AGS Shows: LoughBorough Autumn Show 2008

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 05 October 2008, 13:52top / bottom of page

Some pictures from yesterday's show to compliment those on the show rersults page. Starting with Cyclamen graecum ssp anatolicum shown by Ian Robertson and winner of the best Cyclamen trophy and a Certificate of Merit

Liriope muscari shown by Ian Sharpe and also awarded a Certificate of Merit

Next a couple of shots of Nerine gaboronense shown by Chris & Freda Norton. Awarded a Certificate of Merit and a Preliminary Commendation by the Joint Rock Committee.

Next a number of shots of the Farrer medal winning pot of Crocus kotschyanus shown by Jim Mcgregor, our Director of Shows

Aruncus aethusifolius, shown bt Cecilia Coler and winner of the trophy for best plant in fruit, cone, sedd or autumn colour

An arrangement of alpine flowers. Shown by Mavis & Sam Lloyd

Small 6 pan shown by Bob & Rranveig Wallis and awarded an AGS Medal

Gentiana sino-ornata, shown by Barry Winter

Cyclamen africanum shown by Tony Lee

Gentiana scabra v buergeri shown by Mavis & Sam Lloyd and possibly my personal favourite in the show. Th ecolour was marvellous but as always at Loughborough the artificial lighting makes colour look a bit odd on photos

Nerine masoniorum shown by Ivor Betteridge

Cyclamen intaminatum shown by Robin Pickering, winner of the B section aggregate.

Crocus banaticus, shown by Alistair Forsyth and awarded the trophy for the best bulbous plant in sections B & C

Cyclamen cilicium album, exhibited by Ashley sadler and voted best plant in section C

Lastly in this batch is Gentiana Shot Silk shown by Douglas Forsyth, winer of th esection C aggregate. More later

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