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AGS Shows: London AGS Show, Vincent Square March 29th and 30th

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Started by: Jon Evans

A few snaps behind the show scenes.

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Contribution from Jon Evans 04 April 2011, 18:09top / bottom of page

After spending all day on Saturday last taking photographs at Exeter, followed by a wild trip back across Salisbury plain in a torrential thunderstorm on Saturday, I spent Sunday in the Lindley Hall in London putting the art exhibits from Exeter, with others, back up. On Monday I arrived mid-morning to sweep the cloths and lay out the classes, and then on Monday afternoon the plants started to arrive.

First was Cecilia Coller's little white van. That's not a traffic warden there, giving her a ticket; that is the very helpful George from the RHS, taking her details for a temporary parking dispensation while we unload. I was sorry to find that two exhibitors got parking tickets on Wednesday afternoon, when they had apparently paid correctly; even if they succeed in disputing the charges, that sort of thing does not encourage people to support the show.

Here is a very flattering view of the show secretary (you can tell my wife Helen is taking the pictures), and a better look inside the van. The back row of cardboard boxes have already been removed.

Playing pass the parcel with Cecilia. I may have helped unload, but the amount of time and effort she must have spent preparing for the show, cleaning the pots and packing the van must have been tremendous.

Thank goodness for RHS trollies. One of the doorstaff decided to give us a hand. Thanks to all of them for their help during the show.

It was good to see a few plants appearing on the tables. These pictures give a small impression of the art display, though the boards were zigzagged so you can only see half of them from each direction.

The show secretary?s most important job on Monday night is to ensure copious tea is available for exhibitors; this year my wife came to help with this.

By 11 o?clock the next morning the show was open; the benches look much better now. Although there are a few faces you can recognise (John Noakes doing his best to sell the society to a visitor), the vast majority of people in these photos are potential new members, and the hall was busy like this throughout Tuesday, and to a lesser degree, on Wednesday. That is why it is so important to us that everyone supports the London show.

The bookstall (and surplus seeds) was so busy you couldn?t get near to it on Tuesday lunchtime. In the first picture you can see Christine McGregor working hard, assisted by John Fitzpatrick, Sue Clements and Elaine Barr. On Wednesday, I caught these two jolly fellows manning the stall (Bob Charman and Doug Coldwell). Sadly, the best picture I might have taken of them suffers badly from camera shake, I was laughing so much. My thanks to them, and all the other helpers for their hard work over the days of the show.

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