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Started by: David Hoare

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Contribution from David Hoare 06 February 2011, 17:22top / bottom of page

We look forward to seeing you at the KENT SHOW 19TH MARCH 2011


Contribution from David Hoare 06 February 2011, 18:08top / bottom of page

Hopefully we now have the poster

Best Wishes David

Contribution from David Hoare 14 March 2011, 19:59top / bottom of page

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Kent Show. The weather forcast at the moment looks fine.

Have a safe journey


Contribution from David Hoare 20 March 2011, 10:09top / bottom of page

After many days of gloom, fog and drizzle the SUN was out all day for the Kent Show.

Many thanks to all the team for their help in making it a successful day.

Farrer Medal plant was Narcissus Watieri shown by Nigel Fuller (Yes the Dionysia man)

Thats all I had time for I'm sure more pictures to follow from Jon Evans who was busy through out the day photographing the plants

Thanks again to all


Contribution from Jim McGregor 20 March 2011, 21:48top / bottom of page

All the results are now listed with some of Jon's picures of the Trophy Plants: 2011 Show Results

Congratulations to everyone involved.

Contribution from Jon Evans 20 March 2011, 22:02top / bottom of page

The day dawned cold, frosty and sunny for the trip to Rainham. A clear sunny morning, with a favourable forecast for the rest of the day promised a much more pleasurable and less stressful event than Loughborough in the rain. Once again, Rainham was a fantastic show, with more fine plants than I could possibly photograph; this is incredible when you think that half the exhibitors from the previous shows were at East Lancs this weekend. Thanks to David Hoare, Janine who has taken over the art at Kent, and all the other helpers whose efforts made the day run so smoothly, not least the party struggling at the end of the show to get a trolley of folding tables over a metal door threshold. I loved the approach of take it fast, and see where everything lands. It was good to see Caroline Seymour and Tim Ingram working so hard to recruit new members; there were more new faces at the show than usual, so some of the advance publicity must have worked.

Because of the large number of entries (both plants and artwork), judging took longer than normal, which meant that I could not start photographing the award plants for some time. I took advantage of this delay to photograph some of my own plants.

The first is Erythronium caucasicum, which I brought because I had never seen it on the bench before, and photographed because there are no digital pictures of it in the library.

Next is Anemone petiolulosa, another plant which I have not seen often at shows. It is a lovely colour.

This is my favourite form of Trillium rivale, a delicate shade of pink, which I have grown for a long time, but which does not increase well in a pot, even though it spends most of the year plunged in the garden.

Finally two plants I thought I had a chance with, Erythronium dens-canis, which grows and flowers well in the garden where its roots can get down to the clay (I shall have to replant it next week), and Narcissus Mitzy. Sadly the elusive red tickets continue to escape me, and I shall have to be content with two blue ones. I hope that?s not the last decent plant I have this year.

Judging still had not finished, but I was able to take this pan of Fritillaria michailovskyi exhibited by Tony Jenkins in the Intermediate Section.

The Longfield Trophy for the best plant in the Intermediate Section went to Peter Jacob for Dionysia aretioides Susan Hale.

From the Novice Section, here is Muscari armeniacum Gul exhibited by Colin Rogers. It looks to be thriving, which it never has for me.

The last plant I photographed before judging finished was Robin White?s Daphne modesta, from seed sown in June 2009. This charming new yellow daphne attracted a lot of attention throughout the day.

Finally, I could get my hands on the Farrer medal winning pot of Narcissus watieri (more photos in the 'official' gallery). Despite entreaties, Nigel wouldn?t be photographed with his plant, so you will have to imagine his happy smile.

Another plant Nigel brought with him, but didn?t exhibit because it wasn?t fully out, was Primula Kathryn. This was raised by David Philbey, and named for Kathryn Hart at Sisley, but David has always struggled with it, and Nigel?s success is probably the only reason this hybrid is still in existence.

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