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AGS Shows: KENT SHOW 16th MARCH 2013

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Started by: David Hoare

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Contribution from David Hoare 09 January 2013, 16:46top / bottom of page

The KENT SHOW at Rainham Girls School, Derwent Way, Rainham. ME8 OBX on the 16th March.

This the nearest AGS Show to Main Land Europe and we are pleased to see our friends from across the channel.










The nurseries will be only to pleased to bring orders to the show for you.

Any further infomation please get in touch.

David Hoare.

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 11 January 2013, 19:54top / bottom of page

thank you for the informations

Contribution from Tim Ingram 01 February 2013, 23:06top / bottom of page

I know I have made this point elsewhere and there are strong opinions on the publicity relating to the Shows, but I would like to repeat that they are such remarkable events, and underpin a lot of what the Society does, that they deserve the very best and most effective publicity that can be provided for them, and that this should be coupled with the Plant Sales, which potentially should be a primary draw for keen gardeners in different areas. Really good Shows will attract many more gardeners if they are strongly aimed to do this, and with the help of as many members as possible. The Spring Show at Rainham has always been especially fine - just at the right time to bring a very wide range of plants - and the hard work put in by all those organising it over the years deserves as much support from the rest of us as possible. There are no other Shows around the country anything like the AGS Shows, and not only do we have to fully appreciate them, we also need to build and re-invigorate them - and that means new visitors.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 04 February 2013, 13:27top / bottom of page

Because I am quite preoccupied with finding ways of advertising the AGS to gardeners in Kent in particular, I am heartened to find this written about by someone with a great deal more intelligence than I have - viz: Aldous Huxley in a little book of essays entitled 'On the Margin'. The point he makes, longwindedly, but helpfully none the less is how difficult and yet important advertisments are, so:-

'And now I have discovered the most exciting, the most arduous literary form of all, the most difficult to master, the most pregnant in curious possibilities. I mean the advertisement.'

'Nobody who has not tried to write an advertisement has any idea of the delights and difficulties presented by this form of literature - or shall I say of "applied literature", for the sake of those who still believe in the romantic superiority of the pure, the disinterested, over the immediately useful? ... But in writing an advertisement one must think of other people...'.

Advertising can so easily seem a waste of time and money, especially when so much clamours for our attention, but done well it will attract attention. Use of words is important and Huxley (in the 1920's) finishes his essay with a dig at much writing:-

'Already the most interesting and, in some cases, the only readable part of most American periodicals is the advertisement section. What does the future hold in store?'

Only members who have had experience of advertising will probably see much of my point; or possibly it is less necessary than I believe?

Contribution from Tim Ingram 08 February 2013, 09:53top / bottom of page

A P.S. to this: a Forum is a form of Advertising.

Contribution from David Hoare 11 March 2013, 15:10top / bottom of page

Hope the weather improves before Saturday Its been blowing snow around all day and very cold

Look forward to seeing

David Hoare

Contribution from Tim Ingram 11 March 2013, 15:38top / bottom of page

No snow in north Kent; a great surprise to see how much you have in Lyminge, David. A bitter cold wind though, but in the garden a lot of the crocus, a few later snowdrops, eranthis and reticulata irises look good. Look forward to Saturday.

Contribution from Luc Gilgemyn 12 March 2013, 16:35top / bottom of page

We had between 10 and 30 cms of snow today - not enough to stop us next Saturday !

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 12 March 2013, 20:34top / bottom of page

30cm near Lille, 50cm near Calais, gonna be funny to reach UK

Contribution from David Hoare 15 March 2013, 10:20top / bottom of page

All systems go for Saturday. Snow just about gone and operation stack has gone The M20 is open.

If you have any spare plants bring them along to the AGS plant sale table (double label)


Contribution from Tim Ingram 15 March 2013, 18:25top / bottom of page
Friday preparations...

A lot goes on to prepare for the Show and it's good to acknowledge all those people who give of their time. After 21 years maybe it's a well oiled machine, but many members like David Hoare, the Show Secretary, and Mike Chadwick, the Treasurer, give the lead which maintains this each year, and probably many members don't realise everything that goes on behind the scenes. Rainham School for Girls is an ideal venue for the Show except for its out of the way location, but that can be remedied with greater publicity and signage. The main hall is spacious and well lit, and here are the preparations - HEAVY trestle tables (I'm not sure how many but 50 or 60), and a good number of helpers are needed to shift these; then the covering, a job for the more delicate hands of the fairer sex; and finally covered in polythene ready for the day.

Friday preparations...

A few nurseries arrive on Friday and one of the classrooms and the 'restaurant' area (if that's the correct term for where the pupils eat - it is a Girl's School after all) are set up with tables for plants...

In the last picture we were discussing the unavoidable cancellation of the Loughborough Show - particularly frustrating for nurserymen where the AGS Shows are so vital for sales. Thoughts of how more gardeners can be attracted to the Shows are inevitably on the minds of those who make their living from them.

But it is always the plants that excite and I asked Rachel Lever if she would miss this little tray of saxifrages! And next to those two trays of little cushions of what I think go under the name of dionysia... - delectable!

So for Part 2 see the website tomorrow and pictures of the Show Plants which Jon will put on later; or better still COME AND SEE THE SHOW!

Contribution from Tim Ingram 16 March 2013, 21:53top / bottom of page
Saturday - Show Day

So Saturday dawned a little less cheery than we would have liked - but the tables are filled with plants which rapidly dispels any gloom. In this first room we were competing with Blackthorn and Choice Landscapes, and have a little way to go to equal some of the really superb plants they had brought along. A few daphnes(!) including the new and choice D. modesta which Robert Rolfe refers to in the latest Journal. Choice Landscapes had some fine plants of Fritillaria raddeana and the very attractive soft-pink F. stenanthera (for which see later).

Saturday - Show Day

Around the corner and Aberconwy - just too many goodies to mention, but another beautiful tray of saxifrages, and the lovely fringed bells of Soldanella 'Spring Symphony' (from RR). Little Heath Farm had just a modest little selection(!) - great colour and an excellent mix of both easy going and much rarer enthusiast's plants, plus of course the unusual woody plants which they are famed for, catering to the Roy Lancaster in us all. Potterton's, Parham Bungalow and Longacre were here too, making this corner of the sales area as exciting as always - and with very different ranges of plants, which is such a highlight of AGS Shows.

What of the Show? Considering the really inclement weather we have had it was still a remarkable Show with that great variety which typifies Kent, and the attendance was surprisingly good with over 100 visitors (although it would be so nice to see many more, both for the benefit of the Society and also the nurseries - it was pointed out, not for the first time, that signs were poor and few people in the area would have known there was a Show on; not so easy to remedy because on the whole we all prefer growing plants rather than the joys of publicity - but it must be worthwhile working on this more). But back to the plants and this nice potful of Fritillaria stenanthera from George Elder (just down the road in Cardiff); I particularly liked Joy Bishop's selection of 'Little Blue Bulbs'; amongst Cecilia Coller's almost 'mini-Show' in itself was this super Grevillea lanigerum 'Prostratum', only hardy in very mild gardens, but very good in a pot in poor sandy ericaceous compost.

David Hoare kept the Kentish flag flying, as he has for so many years, with some extremely fine saxifrages, and he was ably supported by Peter Jacob whose potful of Tecophilaea showed just how special and unique this plant is. At the end of the day Peter and Margaret seemed to be walking out with pot after pot, and it is remarkable how many plants some members bring along to the Shows. I am sure the Show Secretary, David, would encourage any new members to bring along even a few plants, both to increase the display and variety, keep all these expert exhibitors on their toes, and simply keep a range of fresh plants coming along to stimulate and maybe even provoke (said a little tongue in cheek, but what about some cacti for example, or plants grown in more unusual ways, which you do see if you look back through the Bulletins).

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