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AGS Shows: KENT SHOW 2015

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Started by: David Hoare

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Contribution from David Hoare 05 February 2015, 16:03top / bottom of page

The 23rd Kent Show will take place at the Rainham Girls School, Derwent Way, Rainham, Kent. ME8 0BX on Saturday 21st March 2015

Plant Sales from 9am Show open about 12noon.

The Eight Nurseries attending are:- Little Heath,Wildside,Parham Bungalow Plants

Ger VanDe Bauken, Copton Ash, Pottertons, Choice Landscapes, & Aberconwy

Admission £2-50p   AGS Members & Children free

Please be aware that payment at the Dartford Crossing has now changed check on

We look forward to seeing you.

David Hoare

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 05 February 2015, 21:32top / bottom of page

David, i'm glad Ger is attented to the show. 

Contribution from David Hoare 12 March 2015, 17:07top / bottom of page

After last year's fuss over a couple of oversize pots, we now have a Kent Show pot checker, who used to work for the MMB in the AI Dept, When you have worked that out you will not want to bring a oversize pot to the show.

The telephone number for paying the Dartford Toll is 03003000120 or pay on line.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

David Hoare.


Contribution from Paul Ranson 12 March 2015, 18:15top / bottom of page

If it's what I think it is I hope he's washed his hands! Artificial inseminator for the Milk Marketing Board?

Contribution from David Hoare 17 March 2015, 22:16top / bottom of page

Its looking good for Saturday. If you have any spare plants for sale please bring them along, double labled for the AGS plant sales table.

See you Saturday have a safe journey.



Contribution from Yann DUPONT 22 March 2015, 11:25top / bottom of page

It was a nice show, great to see all overseas friends.

Contribution from Jon Evans 23 March 2015, 11:20top / bottom of page

Friday night was a long, late affair for me, with an unmissable invitation to a university reunion, so it was a severely sleep-deprived, and somewhat hungover show photographer who turned up at Rainham at 8am on a beautiful but rather unappreciated morning.  If it wasn't for the kind assistance of my wife Helen with late night transportation I wouldn't have been there, so many thanks are due to her.

Almost before I got out of the car, I could hear exhibitors grumbling about the parking arrangements. Changes at the school have meant that they are no longer allowed to park on the grass, or on the paved paths adjacent to the show hall, and instead have to carry all their plants 50-100 yards further, depending on how early they arrived, and where they managed to park.  By the end of the day the effects of this were showing clearly, with some creaking backs and very wobbly knees in evidence.

Once I had transported my stepfather David Philbey's plants, and placed them in the right classes on the bench for him to titivate, I had a chance to go to the back of the hall, where Janine Doulton and her helpers had done a wonderful job of putting up the art, somehow finding room for the whole of a large entry; it made a great backdrop to the show, which was itself as full and impressive as I can remember at Kent.

Whilst judging is still in progress, there is a limited amount a show photographer can do.  Usually (if not shopping or seeking breakfast, I use this time to take general views of the benches, and of groups of judges in action, but this time Doug Joyce was helping by doing that, so I took the opportunity to photograph the exhibits we usually do in situ.

Miniature Gardens

I started with a display of miniature gardens by Anne Vale. Inspired by the introduction of the new class to the schedules (a pan planted as a miniature garden), Anne has created a series of pieces of whimsy, complete with buildings, figures and even a miniature greenhouse.  These pans have had, like marmite, disparate range of reactions from judges.  Some reel away in horror, but others have been entertained and almost charmed; appreciative of the appeal that the display might have for younger visitors.  I might add that my manipulated images seemed to have a similar effect on the art judges at Kent; at least one was appalled to find a flower with teeth.

Miniature Gardens
Small 6 pan class

There were two entries in the small 6-pan class, from Bob and Rannveig Wallis on the left, and from Ian Robertson on the right.  The exhibit from the Wallises was deemed the better of the two, but it was deemed not worthy of a first and the AGS Medal.

Small 6 pan class
Large 6 pan class

In the large 6 pan class there were again two entries.  The AGS Medal went to David Hoare on the left.  The judges courted controversy with the entry on the right by Les Cheeseman, by deciding that the 3 grisebachii-type saxifrages were not sufficiently distinct, and declaring the entry NAS (not according to schedule).  There was much debate over this for the rest of the day.

Large 6 pan class
Tropaeolum hookerianum subsp hookerianum F+W 8632

Joy Bishop exhibited this lovely yellow tropaeolum (with great guile - the twining stems are laced carefully over an artificial support).  Unfortunately the pot was deemed too large for a 19cm class by Kent's new weights and measures authority, though all bar the very rim of the pot would pass successfully, so I was welcome to remove and photograph it whilst judging continued.  

Tropaeolum hookerianum subsp hookerianum F+W 8632
Selaginella kaussinella

Now I was searching for plants which were not first in their class, which could be taken to be photographed.  This fascinating Selaginella was exhibited by Cliff Walker in the Intermediate cushion class, but was only given a second.  I don't know whether it was felt not to be a cushion, or whether the shape was too irregular to satisfy the judges, but for me that was part of its charm.

Selaginella kaussinella
Narcissus watieri

Nigel Fuller once again exhibited his large pan of Narcissus watieri, in perfect condition, but it was judged to be second to a pan of Narcissus bulbocodium (arguably much easier to grow) where the flowers were lost amongst the foliage.  Another happy exhibitor.

Narcissus watieri
Adonis amurensis Hanazono

Another plant which failed to please the judges was this double form of Adonis amurensis, exhibited by Ian Sharpe.  Definitely worth a photo or two.

Adonis amurensis Hanazono

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