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AGS Shows: International Conference Show

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Started by: CLIFF BOOKER

Hot off the press!

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Contribution from Cliff Booker 16 April 2011, 13:52top / bottom of page
Farrer and Forrest Medal Winner Chris Lilley from North Anston

Many, many congratulations to Farrer Medal and Forrest Medal Winner Chris Lilley from North Anston with his amazing and aged plant of Trillium grandiflorum which scooped the award for 'Best plant in the Show' against some tremendous opposition.

Chris Lilley and his splendid Trillium grandiflorum.

Farrer and Forrest Medal Winner  Chris Lilley from

Contribution from Cliff Booker 18 April 2011, 07:23top / bottom of page
International Conference Show

Three magnificent entries that grabbed the attention of the judges and the conference delegates. All worthy contenders for the premier awards.

Gentiana acaulis exhibited by Peter Semple

Cypripedium 'Ursel' shown by Cyril Lafong

Androsace vandellii also shown by Scotland's foremost exhibitor; Cyril Lafong.

International Conference Show

Contribution from Jim McGregor 18 April 2011, 22:12top / bottom of page

Thanks for starting this off with your pictures Cliff.

I'm so pleased you got a good picture of Chris Lilley - I fully intended to but I was kept too busy.

Congratulations Chris on your first Farrer Medal and a Forrest Medal into the bargain - a superb plant.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me with the setting up (and dismantling) of the Conference show. Thanks too to all the conference delegates and day exhibitors who brought plants and put on a spectacle that must have impressed all our overseas visitors.

I always saw the Conference as my swansong for the Show Department and I am glad it was up to our usual standards.

So many thanks to everyone who has supported me as Director of Shows over the last ten years, especially my wife Chris who has had to put up with my involvement as well as her own commitments to the Society.

Good luck to Ray Drew as our new Director of Shows. I will continue to support him as Shows Record Keeper (and Webmaster).

Contribution from Cliff Booker 19 April 2011, 06:23top / bottom of page

Some plants that caught the eye and the camera lens at the International Conference. I was unable to get exhibitor details for all the exhibits, so rather than omit a few I have decided to omit them all. Exhibitor can always tag their own beautiful plants via a further post.

Adonis cyllenea

Primula 'Wharfedale Bluebell'

An array of lewisias

Kalmiopsis leachiana 'Curry County Form'

Lewisia cotyledon hybrid 'Sunset Strain'

An 'arty' shot - apologies to the exhibitor and the sensitive among you.

Cypripedium x Gisela (digitally enhanced or digitally ruined)?

Contribution from Margaret Young 19 April 2011, 11:51top / bottom of page

It was a super show and a real treat especially for the overseas visitors who do not have such events at home, to see.

The Forrest/Farrer medal plant was a triumph og the trillium growers art and was a most worthy winner. Chris Lilley's huge and perfect potful was at least twenty years old and was a JOY to behold.

Funnily enough, Chris used to be an AGS Show Secretary while his brother, Richard, was previously an SRGC Show Sec. ...... nice coincidence at this international event!

John Mullaney and his Saxifragas

I was pleased to carry two lovely saxifrages into the show from the car park for John Mullaney, from Wakefield, and his charming wife.

I was even more pleased to learn later that they had taken red tickets!!

I understand that John is not a fit as he once was and has not exhibited too much lately so it was a treat to be able to help him to his successful contribution to this special show.... even if only by muscle power!

My kind regards to Mr and Mrs Mullaney.

Contribution from Jon Evans 20 April 2011, 17:40top / bottom of page

Hi Everyone

I have finally finished processing all the images from the Conference Show. I have never taken so many official pictures at an AGS Show (340 photos of 67 plants or exhibits). These are the best of them. Most of them were requests, either because they won awards, were put up for consideration by the Joint Rock Garden Committee, or because they are going to be featured in the show report. As a result I had very little time to go around and select plants purely for my own interest or for their photogenic qualities.

Novice Section

I would like to start in the Novice Section, with two plants both exhibited by Julie Parrott. I twice had the opportunity to speak to Julie at the Conference, and found her a charming lady; I wish her and her plants every success in the future (this was only her third show).

First Raoulia loganii, with its lovely hairy rosettes, and then Anchusa caespitosa, winning the Donald Lownes Memorial Bowl for the best plant in the Novice Section. These two plants also helped Julie win the Conference Award for the most first prize points in the section.

Novice Section

Contribution from Jon Evans 20 April 2011, 17:53top / bottom of page
Intermediate Section

In the Intermediate Section, the Conference Award for the most first prize points, and the AGS Spoon for the 6 pan class went to Anne Vale. Here is Dodecatheon meadia from her 6-pan entry, and Claytonia megarrhiza v. nivalis (I am very sorry Anne, I had so much to do I simply forgot to photograph the 6-pan entries).

Intermediate Section

Paul Street also exhibited several plants in this section. Here is his Sedum heterodontum, and the Trillium cuneatum which won him the Kath Dryden Trophy for the best bulbous plant in the Intermediate and Novice Sections.

Other plants of note in this section included:

Gentiana Arctic Fanfare exhibited by Tony Hale

Lewisia stebbinsii exhibited by Neil Hubbard

A fine miniature garden exhibited by Mick and Mandy McLoughlin

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